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LunchDates Reviews & Testimonials

We’re proud to be Better Business Bureau Accredited since 1987. We also hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, with 94% of our reviews containing glowing praise for the results previous clients have gotten. In the end, this is why we are in business – to help single professionals in Boston be as successful in their love life as they are everywhere else.

My experience with LunchDates has been a very positive one. It’s very comforting to work with a team that respects my busy schedule and only comes to me with matches that they’ve “vetted” against my personal likes/dislikes. I’m so happy that I’ve referred them a single friend of mine.

Ron G.


Thanks to both Jill and Kailee from LD, I have been matched with like minded individuals at a record pace and with unparalleled coaching. I’m a lot more confident, empathetically listen and have had increasing success in just a month of dating. Nobody listens more closely and is more organized than this incredible team of matchmakers in the business. Just a smart team fighting hard on my behalf to make sure I’m investing in the personal arena, including providing much needed perspective pre and post-dates.



I was completely out of my comfort zone signing up with LD. I don’t even like Lunch or dating!!!!! Since online isn’t for me, I work all the time and don’t like meeting strangers at a bar, I decided to give LD a try. During my interview Laura kept saying, I have the perfect guy for you, I thought she was just putting me at ease. She set us up right away, I did question it a little bit, thinking maybe he worked for LD and was going to check me out how I was as a date. I was incredibly nervous going to the date, which LD planned. Long story short, he was such a gentleman, put me right at ease, such a sweetheart, no games, full of respect. Laura was right…….he was perfect match for me. I would highly recommend LD, super professional and personal.

Pernille M


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