Tips for Dating After 50

March 15, 2018
Posted by Aimee

Tips for Dating After 50

“Age is just a number.” That’s one of the kinder sentiments we have on aging; it’s also completely bogus. Age is so much more than just a number — it’s also a word, for starters. But above all else, your age is a self-imposed barrier that can hold you back from reaching for what you want in life, whether it’s a better job, a new hobby or a fantastic relationship. As a champion for your love life, LunchDates is here to help you free yourself from that persistent numerical roadblock. So today, we’ll be discussing five essential tips for singles dating after age 50. Let’s jump right in.

1. Own Your Past & Present

Life takes each of us on a wild, turbulent road, especially when it comes to romance. Perhaps you’re bouncing back into the dating game after a long, dedicated marriage. Or maybe you’ve always been single because you haven’t met the right person yet. Regardless of what you have and haven’t experienced over the years, it’s imperative to own who you are. Whether you’re a single dad caring for four incredible kids or a sprightly single who hasn’t found love before, you deserve a shot at romance. Accept your past and present, warts and all; they’re important parts of the wonderful person you are. And anyone who can’t accept those aspects isn’t worth your time.

2. Find Closure With Past Relationships

One of the most challenging parts about dating after divorce is starting fresh, particularly if you had children with your past partner or didn’t want the relationship to end in the first place. Many singles dating in their 50s (and up) cheat themselves out of great new connections because they’re afraid or unwilling to let go of an old relationship.That’s why it’s critical to find closure with your previous relationship before taking another shot at romance. This healing process doesn’t have to involve hugs and productive conversations with your past partner either. All you need is resolution, absolute certainty that you and your ex are finished. Otherwise, you’ll be too busy swimming in “what-ifs” and false hopes instead of making progress toward a better relationship.

3. Define Your List of Wants & Needs

It’s impossible to forge a successful long-term relationship if you don’t understand what you want and what you need. You might have your eye set on a beautiful, successful partner with a healthy hairline and a penchant for exotic vacations. But can this person provide for you on a deeper emotional level? Will they mesh well with your kids? Can they handle your busy work and personal schedules? Will they lift you up when you’re at your lowest point or leave you in the lurch? Take a moment to jot down a checklist of your relationship wants and needs before you start seeing any new romantic prospects. And after each date that goes well, use that list to evaluate how well your new consort is meeting your requirements. It might seem tedious at first glance, but this system will keep you focused on the facets of your relationship that actually matter and give you a heads-up when something’s off.

4. Skip Online Dating

Online sites and apps make up a big chunk of the current dating scene. If you’re dating in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond, you might feel compelled to sign up for one of these services to find your match. After all, they’re the fastest and easiest way to find a partner, right? Wrong. Yes, online dating will give you access to a huge pool of potential dates, barring the scam profiles, catfish profiles and straight-up abandoned profiles, of course. But do you really want to dig through these thousands of accounts and messages to find a compatible person? That’s a massive investment of time and effort with no promise of meaningful results. Do yourself a favor and look into professional matchmaking instead. Professional matchmakers take the stress and tedium out of dating by handpicking matches for you, ensuring that all of your dates suit your needs and personality.

5. Believe in Yourself

This tip is sappy to the extreme, but it’s also the most important one on our list. On your journey toward finding the perfect partner, you’ll run into problems: moments of self-doubt, bouts of hopelessness, outbursts of enervation. But remember, you’re only too old or wary or weary for dating if you convince yourself that you are. Your attitude can have a massive impact on your success or failure in the world of dating, so strive for positivity. Prosperous people don’t get things right on the first, second or third try. They fumble, fall and will themselves on until they meet and exceed their goals. Don’t give up on yourself because of a few crummy dates or bad experiences. You deserve a great partner to share your life with. And trust us, sticking to that belief will bring romantic success; it just takes time.

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