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More and more people are turning towards the personal touch of a professional matchmaker to find that special someone. Find out why a matchmaker might be right for you.

How Matchmaking Can Help You Find Love After 40

Ah, the fabulous 40s. To get to this point in life, you’ve experienced quite a few highs and lows. You’ve probably left home, gone to…
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Does Matchmaking Work? The Unexpected Benefits & ROI

In today’s swipe-right dating culture, matchmaking can be the solution to helping busy professionals find lasting love. But does a matchmaking service really work? Just…
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Matchmakers in Boston: Why LunchDates Is the Right Choice

Looking for matchmakers in Boston? As a busy professional, matchmaking may be the only way you can find that someone special. And in Boston, you…
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What It’s Like to Work With an Executive Matchmaker

Are you struggling with finding a meaningful relationship? If so, you may have thought about reaching out to a professional matchmaker. But, what does a…
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What Makes a High-End Dating Service “High End”?

In today’s “swipe left” society, it can be hard to make a connection. How do you start a real relationship when dating apps only offer…
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What Is a Professional Matchmaker?

As a single looking for love, you have plenty of options when it comes to dating. You could download a dating app, sign-up for an…
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How Successful Are Professional Matchmakers?

Dating can feel impossible, especially as a busy professional. Dating apps require too much swiping and going out to find love may not fit your…
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What Type of Men Use Professional Matchmakers?

Men who use a professional matchmaker are serious about finding a relationship that will last. They’re as proactive in their dating lives as they are…
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Is a Professional Matchmaker Worth the Money? 3 Reasons to Try One Right Now.

We can all admit that 2020 has been a year of challenges financially, emotionally, and physically. Being confined to home offices, spending the day in…
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Interview with a Matchmaker: Dating Coach Spills the Beans to Finding Love in Boston

When people meet a professional matchmaker, lots of questions inevitably arise. What’s it like? How do you find people? Are you successful? So in order…
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