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Does Valentine’s Day give you the dating blues? How can you survive being single over the holidays? Need some great outdoor dating ideas during the warm summer months? As the seasons change, so do dating strategies. Our experts provide you with top seasonal advice for year round dating success.

It’s Cuffing Season…

Flirtatious singles who enjoy the act of dating, more so, the act of resisting the ball and chain we refer to as emotions, might actually…
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Why Do Men Avoid Dating During the Holidays?

The holiday season is here. Many of us are spending our free time prepping for family gatherings and searching for the perfect gifts to give…
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Should I Wait Until After the Holidays to Start Dating?

It is officially the holiday season! The leaves have fallen and the snow is on the way! Netflix has released a bounty of Holiday films…
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Do Men Want to Find Love During the Holidays?

There’s a chill in the air and cuffing season is in full force as we head into the winter months! Many singles find themselves searching…
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What to Buy Someone You Just Started Dating for Christmas?

So, you’ve found your match amongst the holiday season!? What wonderful news! Love is absolutely in the air during Christmas, as it’s the time for…
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Best Halloween Costumes for Couples

Autumn is officially here which means it is time to prepare your best couple’s Halloween costume! When brainstorming what to be, you must first think…
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Best Halloween Costumes for Single People

It’s time for Halloween, a night where you’re allowed to pretend to be anyone (or anything) that you’d like! As a single, Halloween is a…
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Surviving a COVID Valentine’s Day Single: 3 Strategies for Success

January came and went. And what has felt like yet another Groundhog’s Day in slow motion: quarantine, mask, remote, repeat, Valentine’s Day still looms on…
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Boston Singles Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day: A Dating Coach’s Top 4 Picks

“I’d been on dating apps like Tinder and Bumble for four years and I didn’t have any luck.” Sound familiar? Another New Year’s gone by,…
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Cupid’s Guide To Surviving Valentine’s Day Single

Maybe you’ve survived the New Year without a scratch. It’s tough being single during the holiday season. Add in a New Year’s Eve party stag…
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The 3 Secrets for Dating Success this New Year

January 17th has become known as Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day. However, we must hold ourselves accountable and not allow this to happen. Along with…
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Ready for a Spring Fling?

The Doldrums of winter. Spending it single can seem too much to bear. At this point, your New Year’s Resolution of being proactive in dating may…
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Reaching for the Stars on Valentine’s Day: A Single Woman’s Guide

Yes, it’s February and you’re single. Take a deep breath; it’s going to be OK. Could you be madly head over heels in love by…
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Get Back Into the Dating Game in the New Year

On your list of things you absolutely must do in the New Year, is falling in love one of them? In the midst of your…
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2017’s Top Halloween Costumes for Singles Ladies

Chocolate, candy corn and sexy kitten outfits. Meow! It must be time for Halloween! But before you go prancing off to grab your stocking and…
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Shopping for Love This Small Business Saturday?

With the onslaught of turkey and mandatory parties, there’s comfort in knowing that true shoppers can take advantage of the holiday sales. Small Business Saturday…
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Cute Clever Halloween Costumes for Couples

Here at LunchDates, we know a good dating opportunity when we see one, and that’s exactly why we’ve got Halloween on the brain this time…
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