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Politics And Why It’s Ruining Your Love Life

Ah, the bittersweet kiss of a love stifled too soon. How many times just before “forever and ever” have we dropped the ball? We certainly have an inclination for certain ruin when left to our own devices in the world of dating. Enter the dating...

dating in Boston
Why Now Is the Best Time to Hire a Matchmaker

There’s a certain nostalgia when working with an old-fashioned professional matchmaker. If you haven’t met someone who openly admits that they’re a client of one, you may assume that they don’t exist anymore. Sure, in the age of online dating, with over 1,000 different dating...

Dating apps
What Boston Singles Need to Know About Their Dating Apps

Dating apps offer up a lot of people to choose from. And most agree that online dating is a great way to meet other singles. It all sounds tempting when you’re first diving into the dating scene - “first” being the operative word here. It...

halloween costumes for singles
2017’s Top Halloween Costumes for Singles Ladies

Chocolate, candy corn and sexy kitten outfits. Meow! It must be time for Halloween! But before you go prancing off to grab your stocking and kitty cat tail, read this! In Boston, our most beloved of deviant holidays offers the opportunity to dress up, grab...

Deal Breakers
Secret Deal Breakers That Are Wrecking Your Dating Life

You’re single. You’ve been on more than your share of first dates. It’s definitely not you. It’s them. Sound familiar? There’s no shortage of inflated egos in the dating game these days. Thinking back to the days pre-Tinder, you would almost cringe at the amount...

Autumn in Boston
Top 5 Places to Meet Boston Singles This Fall

Fantasy football, pumpkin-infused brews on tap, and the return of college students to the city, all signs point to Boston gearing up for fall. New England is the quintessential place to enjoy seasonal foliage, especially while arm-in-arm with a would-be love interest, and autumn is...

Dating a divorced Dad
Top 5 Tips on Dating a Divorced Dad

If you’re a woman dating later in life, you will run into the divorced dad. With the responsibility and juggling that goes on with being a single parent, these men have a hard balancing act when it comes to getting back into the dating game....

NFL player dating
What You Can Learn From the NFL About Dating

Just look around Boston. Singles are everywhere. From the Seaport to Downtown, you can’t help but scan the trendiest roof deck tops to see the who’s who on the Boston dating scene. With so many singles out there and a ton of great places to...

top 6 signs
Is He Into Me? Top 6 Warning Signs From A Boston Dating Coach

Single Boston women are smart, professional and have a lot going for them. So why is the struggle so real when it comes to finding a great guy? Being super selective is one challenge, although a valid one. But what if you find someone you’re...

Curious about finding dates? Chat with a professional matchmaker
Curious about finding dates? Chat with a professional matchmaker