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survival dating
2018’s Guide to Surviving Dating Sunday

Dating Sunday. It’s like the Super Bowl for singles everywhere. Interesting halftime show, to be sure. Like clockwork, after the rush of the holidays, singles everywhere scramble for the nearest gym membership and download the hottest dating apps in hopes that this year will be...

shopping for love
Shopping for Love This Small Business Saturday?

With the onslaught of turkey and mandatory parties, there’s comfort in knowing that true shoppers can take advantage of the holiday sales. Small Business Saturday is observed every Saturday following the Thanksgiving holiday. It gives us all an opportunity to tap into a local business...

holiday season
Why the Holiday Season Is the Best Time to Find Love

With the first talk of Thanksgiving plans, your head goes spinning into that dreadful abyss of “am I really going to be single for the holidays?” And every time you hear the song “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” you get a jealous sting...

Almost perfect
When He’s Almost Perfect

Every romance story has its peaks and valleys. You fall. You pick yourself up. You fall again. Sometimes, you even get to fall in love. Lucky you! But if luck isn’t on your side and you find yourself still searching, then read on. As two...

Rules for Social Media
Top Three Rules on Social Media and Dating

You’ve had three mediocre dates. Or maybe you’ve only had one good one. At any rate, there comes a time during dating that you’re thinking about connecting on social media. Ah, the many complications of love. Now given 15% of people even admit to using...

decoding your DNA
Decoding Your Dating DNA

If love were a science experiment, we’d all be incompetent of predicting accurate outcomes. Imagine yourself wearing a white lab coat, thick plastic safety goggles, and gloves up to your elbows. What type of experiments do you want to conduct on love? What ingredients are...

snow white
Snow White & The 7 First Dates

Every woman out there, single or not, has imagined a true love fairytale in her own life. We have moments of nostalgia where our sweet prince has stolen our hearts and saved the day. The archetypal princess and her one true love. Finding love has always...

Politics And Why It’s Ruining Your Love Life

Ah, the bittersweet kiss of a love stifled too soon. How many times just before “forever and ever” have we dropped the ball? We certainly have an inclination for certain ruin when left to our own devices in the world of dating. Enter the dating...

dating in Boston
Why Now Is the Best Time to Hire a Matchmaker

There’s a certain nostalgia when working with an old-fashioned professional matchmaker. If you haven’t met someone who openly admits that they’re a client of one, you may assume that they don’t exist anymore. Sure, in the age of online dating, with over 1,000 different dating...

Curious about finding dates? Chat with a professional matchmaker
Curious about finding dates? Chat with a professional matchmaker