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Your Road Map to Falling In Love 3
The Roadmap To Love in Boston

You’re dealt a deck of cards. You hold in your hands the Queen of Hearts. Do you know how you’ll play your hand? There are no special instructions when it comes to falling in love. Rules are constantly bent and broken, just like human hearts....

bad date
How to Escape a Bad First Date

Whether you’ve met someone online, through friends, or on your own, nothing prepares you for a bad first date. Bad dating behavior does not discriminate, and affects all ages from 25 to 65. It doesn’t matter if you’re newly single, been dating for a while,...

What's Hot for Singles 2
What’s Hot for Boston Singles This Summer

Memorial Day is behind us so bring in the summer of love! With Cape Cod, the Islands, and Newport all within an hour’s drive of Boston, singles have plenty to choose from with the warm weather finally here. But just like a finding the love...

why millennials
Why Millennials Are Flocking to Old Fashioned Matchmakers

Millennials. For a generation that grew up on cell phones, video games, and apps, the last thing you’d expect is for them to call an old fashioned matchmaker to find love. With over 1,500 dating apps on the market and over 20% of adults ages...

Dating Ninja
The 7 Stages to Becoming a Dating Ninja

The dating scene is tough today. Whether you’re newly single or have been single for a while, the challenges are painful at times. Love is a battlefield, right? Ninja’s are known for their skills and abilities. A Dating Ninja is a person who has lived...

dating fatigue 3
Niche Dating Apps & The Dating Fatigue Epidemic

Approximately 54% of people living in America are single, outnumbering their married counterparts for the first time in history. A lot has changed in the dating world in a short amount of time. In the U.S. 15% of singles are using online dating to...

Peter Pan blog
Top 5 Reasons Your Peter Pan Syndrome Will Ruin Your Love Life

Can you imagine Peter Pan holding an IPhone in his hand, combing through the newest dating app? He would look at you in complete amazement. “All you have to do is swipe and you get a new date?” His eyes would sparkle with delight. A...

its not rocket science
Why You’re Smart in Business and Dumb at Dating

How could a CEO bomb a first date? What about a physician or an attorney? Successful, professional singles that have their “A game” in the workplace don’t necessarily translate those skills into the dating realm. Check out these hypothetical work scenarios with our new Business...

Curious about finding dates? Chat with a professional matchmaker
Curious about finding dates? Chat with a professional matchmaker