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10 Benefits of Dating During The Pandemic

2020 may have appeared to be detrimental when it comes to dating. However, many are quickly realizing that there are several benefits to dating during these unprecedented times. You may need to get a little creative when it comes to finding your potential partner, but that’s where LunchDate’s comes in to help!

If you are looking to begin dating during the pandemic, the most convenient and safest way to start is by joining a matchmaking service. LunchDates is Boston’s most trusted matchmaking service and has helped thousands of Boston singles become couples! They offer both social distancing dates and virtual meetings. Call LunchDates today for a free consultation 617-Datenow and keep reading to learn more about why now is a fantastic time to find the one!

#1 People dating right now are serious
The people looking for casual flings are unable to date during the pandemic. It is simply impossible and unsafe to do. So, the vast majority of people on the market right now are likely very serious about finding the one and are ready to make dating a priority. You can expect that they are looking for a long-term partnership and someone to also keep them company explicitly through this pandemic.

#2 You can date from the comfort of your home
Virtual dating is extremely popular during these times! What’s better than getting to meet someone slowly and truly learning about who they are. Dating during the pandemic allows you to take your time getting to know someone from the safety and comfort of your home!

#3 People generally have more time
Life is definitely not the same during this pandemic, but not all aspects of that are negative. Most people have been able to slow down instead of rushing through their work week. Many are also working from home, saving them time on commuting and sitting in traffic. People also do not have as many obligations since most of them were likely canceled if in person. This extra availability is precious and rare in modern day society! It can also be the perfect extra time needed for a date!

#4 You get to be creative and adventurous when it comes to date ideas
As many things have closed due to the pandemic, the traditional dinner date may not be as appealing. Now is your chance to get creative and bring back old fashion dates. Some ideas are walking through the parks and city, hiking various trails, skiing in the winter and going on camping trips!

#5 You don’t have the pressure to meet at the bar
Prior to the pandemic, the main way people thought that they had to meet someone was at a bar. Society has made this a norm, however it is one of the least classy places to find a match. Meeting in a smelly, dark place where you may or may not be sober to accurately judge the person is going to set you up for dating failure. Now, this pressure is erased and you can meet someone sober and in daylight or even virtually!

#6 You can avoid serial daters
The people dating during this pandemic are making love a priority even during rather difficult times. These potential matches are clearly willing to put in the effort and often prefer to focus on just one person rather than dating several people. There’s no social pressure to constantly be going out on the town either, so your partner can truly focus on you!

#7 Enjoy vulnerability
This pandemic has allowed us all to appreciate what we have and realize what is important to us. This takes a lot of self-realization and open communication with loved ones. Dating during this time will naturally allow you both to be open and honest with one another in order to navigate safely through these times. Enjoy this open dialog and sharing vulnerability!

#8 You can take things slow
During this pandemic there’s absolutely no pressure to rush through a relationship or even meet in person right away. Virtual dating is a great option at first to get to know each other. You also have the ability to take things at your own pace, as everyone has their own comfort level in relationships and surrounding Covid-19. You can truly enjoy the beginning of a relationship, which is the absolute best part, and soak up all that this new experience has to offer without trying to rush through it.

#9 There’s less distractions
Both you and your potential partner are likely less distracted with social obligations throughout this time and can truly focus on getting to know one another. You can really be in the moment with each other without the chaos of normal life. This is a rare opportunity to be present on your date!

#10 We have all matured this year
The entire world has gone through immense growth this year on a personal and collective level. Life is not the same as it was last year, and we have all had to grow and adapt to these changes rather quickly. We now realize all that we have and can live our lives with a new lens of appreciation and love without taking anything or anyone for granted!


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