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How to Date After a Divorce

Diving into the world of dating after a divorce can feel intimidating for some and exciting for others. If you’ve asked yourself, “Am I ready to date after divorce?”, you’re probably close to being ready to make the leap.

Checking in with yourself is crucial and there’s no reason to rush. In fact, taking it slow could be your best approach for long term success. New experiences and new people are healthy, but only once you’ve reconciled your past. Feel like you want to give dating a go, but not sure when to start? Let’s break down your steps.

Do the Emotional Work First

Take some time to get reacquainted with yourself as a single person. Find an old friend that you can open up to, watch movies that give you an emotional release or consider seeing a therapist who specializes in divorce and life transitions. 

Take your time and let those feelings run their course. Bottling them up and throwing them into the Charles will only leave you feeling stuck. Once you’ve moved through those intense feelings, you’ll feel ready to start meeting new people.

Understand What You’re Looking For

If you’ve decided to date again, ask yourself what you’re looking to get out of the experience. A few casual coffee meetups? A new relationship? Something in between? Whatever you decide, be sure your desires match with those of any potential new partner. 

Also understand what you’re looking for in the person you meet. What type of personality are you looking for? What hobbies or interests would you share? What values are most important to you? Having a better sense of the type of partner you’d like will help you find that perfect match. 

Leave Your Ex Behind

Old baggage doesn’t go away easily, and you can get triggered in ways you might not expect. When you own your old emotions, it makes new emotions easier to form. If you simply find yourself constantly comparing your new dates to your ex-spouse, it might be a sign that you’re not yet ready to date.

Go Slow and Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t hurl yourself headlong into the next great romance. Take time to get to know your new prospect. Marriage and potentially moving in with someone, shouldn’t be what you’re trying to decide. You’re simply enjoying the pleasure of another person’s company. 

Make sure you continue to take time for yourself as well. Remember that being single is a fun opportunity to get to know yourself and new people.

Try Matchmaking After Divorce

You don’t have to navigate post-divorce dating alone. Dating apps can be daunting and overwhelming.  Professional matchmaking takes much of the work and stress out of dating. You simply show up and have fun getting to know someone. It’s the perfect way to start rebuilding your dating skills.

Divorced and Looking to Date? LunchDates Can Help

At LunchDates, our experienced team of dating professionals will get to know you and learn the key qualities of your ideal match. We’ll then handle all of the details: set up a date, provide post-date feedback and give any advice if needed. Learn more about how you can find love with LunchDates by calling us at 617-254-3000 or send us a message.


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