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11 Dating Tips Every Professional Should Know

Spring is in the air, which means your love life – and professional life – are picking up steam. So how do you make sure that steaminess translates into a successful dating life? If you’ve decided it’s time to start searching for mister or miss right, but can’t seem to find the time between your personal life and work life, you may need some help.

If dating just doesn’t seem to fit into your life, you should take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. There are thousands of single professionals around the nation who want to date, but who just can’t find the time. The good news is that there is hope – and help – right here. With these easy dating hacks, even the busiest, career-focused individuals can find time for a relationship.

So let’s get going on a bettering your dating life. Here are 11 of the best dating tips for professionals!

Get organized early

There’s no doubt that your job gets in the way of your personal life. Heck, it may even make up a large chunk of it. When you’re already busy with work, it’s that much more difficult to maintain a steady dating life.

To prepare for this, get yourself organized before your work week starts. If you know ahead of time that you have happy hour with co-workers on Wednesday, it’s much easier to plan dates accordingly. Plan out everything on your schedule from workouts to picking up kids, to a coffee date with a business acquaintance. Simplifying the rest of your life will make your dating life run more smoothly.

Know what it is you want

There are quite a few people who spend time dating, but don’t really know what it is that they want. When you determine what it is you want – marriage, a casual relationship, friendship, etc. – you will be better prepared to find the right person for your upcoming date. Take some time to really think about what you want out of a relationship and it’ll make it easier to find the right person or leave the wrong one.

Date casually

As a busy professional, there is a good chance that you have quite a few things on your plate. Presentations, conference calls, meetings, the list goes on and on.  Managing your personal life is another full time job in and of itself. The bottom line is your mind is occupied with a litany of different responsibilities and chores. Just because your professional life may be busy and fast-paced, you shouldn’t take the same approach to dating.  In fact, when you take things slow and get to know the other person, are upfront and honest about your busy schedule, and approach dating with a casual attitude, making a romantic connection will be easier. And when you do, go with it and you may be surprised with the great outcome.

Leverage the services of professional matchmakers

Professional matchmakers understand that busy professionals don’t have a lot of time to spend looking for that “special someone.” Unlike your friends, they can take into account your individual criterias and find you dates that can both share your interests and be compatible partners. This is why the help of professionals is so invaluable. Professional matchmakers offer unique matchmaking services that online dating sites simply cannot match. They typically work with a specific type of people, making their pool smaller, but also making it much more efficient to find a date that you’re extremely compatible with.

Schedule a lunch date

If you are having an exceptionally hard time trying to find time in your too-busy schedule for dating, then you may need to be a bit more flexible with when you schedule dates. Rather than trying to only date at night, ask the person if they would be interested in having lunch with you or grabbing coffee. This will also help to keep things relaxed and low-key. If you’re trying to find another single, like-minded professional, chances are this will work out exceptionally well.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When you are beginning to date, it can be extremely difficult to find a “way” to make it happen. Instead of trying to do it all by yourself, ask your family and friends for help. Chances are they’ll also be happy to babysit, watch your pet or take on some other task you need done so you can actually go on those dates. This will help to free up more time that you can spend focused on dating, rather than everything else you need to do.

Date differently

If you have a swamped schedule, you will have to find a way to change a few things. Start by taking a risk and doing things that are outside of your comfort zone. Build up the courage to talk to that handsome guy you see everyday at your daily coffee shop one day and ask him to chat at your table over a mocha. Perhaps you notice a cute girl at the gym, offer to buy her a protein shake and make light of trying to impress someone while being covered in sweat.

Be present on dates

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When you’re on a date, you need to be sure you are in the moment. Put those cell phones away and focus on your date. While there are likely more than a few things on your mind and many other things going on, you need to put those aside and focus on what is going on in the here and now. If you’ve had a long day and can’t seem to muster up the energy to go on a date, take a rain check and reschedule it to the weekend when you have a little bit more time to dedicate to the present. This allows you to better engage with your date to see if this is a relationship you would really like to pursue.

Create some time to date

Do you know how much time you spend every week opening and answering your emails or how often you spend extra hours in the office? While cutting back on these activities to make time for a potentially romantic relationship may not be easy, it might be necessary. If you really take a look at the demands of your job and consider what has to be done, and what could wait, you will likely find quite a few “time savers.” Once you know what the low-priority tasks are in your schedule, you can rearrange or delegate work to free up some time for dates.

Get a hobby

Is there something you would like to spend more time doing? For example, photography, painting or running? If so, you should consider taking up your desired hobby for fun. Join community groups, sports teams or check out some art classes. These are great ways to meet like-minded individuals that are right there within your own town. With a hobby, you won’t just have something to relieve stress from your busy work life, you will also have the potential to meet someone who shares the same interests.

Accept setups

While you may have been avoiding your well-intentioned co-worker regarding a blind date with the man in accounting, you should ask yourself if it would really be that bad. A blind date is a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Also, many these individuals may also have busy schedules, which is why they are not out there setting up dates for themselves. Stop turning your friend down and give it a try – you may be glad you did. At the very least, you’ll probably get a good story out of the night.

Dating is a challenge that’s worth it

When it comes to dating, there is no question it can be a challenge. Busy executives and professionals have an additional level of difficulty added to their hectic schedules. However, with the tips here you can easily find time to start dating once again. Making time in your life for yourself and your own happiness is important. It will ensure you stay sane and that you have someone to come home to in the future.

While you don’t have to dive into a relationship with the first person you meet, it is a good idea to keep your mind open in order to find a great person. Even if no real relationship comes out of the encounter, it will be a learning experience that will help you get back into the swing of dating. After all, this will be the first step to creating a meaningful and lasting relationship.

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