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Biggest Deal Breakers for Men

Both men and women have what they refer to as their “dealbreakers.” Dealbreakers are those traits or actions that tell you that there is no way this relationship will ever work. These inevitably will vary from person to person, but there are some hot-button topics that are tops on a man’s list of dealbreakers.

1. Deceit/dishonesty: No one wants to be lied to, either by being told a lie or getting lied to by omission. For a majority of men, lying boils down to one strike and you’re out. Once a person has been lied to in a relationship, it is very hard, if not impossible, for the liar to gain back the trust of the person they lied to.

2. Lacking confidence/self-esteem: While being coy and demure might be attractive, having a serious lack of confidence and self-esteem is a major turnoff. Once in awhile everyone needs some reassurance and flattery, but constantly having to reassure a significant other that they are smart enough, attractive enough and worthy of a relationship is not only exhausting, but will leave the other party wondering what they are doing in this relationship in the first place.

3. Failing to have a life outside of the relationship: Odds are having some outside goals and interests are part of what attracted two people in the first place. So giving up anything and everything outside of the relationship is a sure-fire way to kill the romance and become clingy and needy, which is also a relationship destroyer. Maintaining outside friendships and hobbies makes for a healthier individual and ensures that the members of the couple keep their own identities instead of just being one identifiable unit of boyfriend/girlfriend.

4. Bad habits/poor hygiene: No one wants to date someone who has disgusting hygiene or seriously gross habits. It may sound shallow at first, but think about the long-tern. There is no need to make excuses for their bad choices or lack of judgment.

5. Cheating: It seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes love is blind, and even if someone has been unfaithful in the past, we might decide to let it slide and give them a chance to prove that they have changed. Cheating is the ultimate dealbreaker though. Bouncing back from your partner having an affair or a fling is often an insurmountable task. Can you really trust this person again? Will you be spending
your fair share of time wondering what the cheater did, with who, how many times, if it was better with someone else and if you are ever going to be the only one again?

Setting the ground rules for a relationship can be an extremely tricky and fragile time for a couple. Making sure that you know your own dealbreakers at the outset of any kind of dating, whether it is simply casual or you’re looking for marriage and children, is essential to a successful relationship. You can’t expect the person you are dating to avoid your dealbreakers if even you don’t know what they are. Be honest and open with what you are looking for, and encourage the other half of your potential coupling to do the same. If you do everything right, you might even find someone who shares the same dealbreakers that you do.


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