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“I’m Not Looking for a Relationship Right Now,” And Other Reasons Not to Date

Perhaps you’ve found yourself single for no apparent reason. Or maybe you have a mysterious unnamed friend who is single for no apparent reason, and maybe you and/or your friend are providing the same well-thought-out reasons why this is.

As a leading dating service in the greater Boston area, we’ve heard a lot of explanations. Are they valid?

The most common excuse for being single

The most typical reason for singleness that we hear regarding dating in Boston and eastern Massachusetts is “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.” Don’t get us wrong: we respect that, especially if you or your friend is fresh out of a relationship. Nobody wants to be obviously “on the rebound,” and sometimes you just need a mental break.

Too often, though, we find that a “mental break” drifts on into one or more of the typical reasons we hear, such as: “I hardly have time to keep up with everything now, let alone dating.”

Being that we’re a longstanding, successful Boston area dating and matchmaking service, we believe that your time is like your storage space: it seems to expand or contract to accommodate the amount of stuff you have to store at the moment. Relationships can require extra time commitments; but one of the ways they reward you is that they can make some of your life activities more time-efficient.

Misconceptions about online dating

Another common reason not to date in Boston is: “I’m not into online dating.” This could be because you’ve been exposed to the early internet chat rooms, IMs and all, or because you’re entering the dating world again after a long layoff and you’ve never had the internet as a resource.

In any case, we’d like to point out that the internet is just a part of our process where we meet, interview and qualify each of our clients. As opposed to “internet dating” in Boston, LunchDates provides a complete service that actually streamlines the process.

But one of our very favorites, and one of the most common reasons for being single, is: “I’m just not looking for a relationship right now.”

You’re “Not Looking for a Relationship”, but you should be

Most often, we find that someone who is “not looking for a relationship” is actually a prime candidate for a relationship. You’re comfortable with yourself. You’re secure and don’t feel like you need someone else’s help to be who you are. You (or your friend) are not looking for someone to complete you; you’re looking for someone with whom you can share your own completeness.

You can start dating the moment you stop giving yourself reasons not to. Contact LunchDates today!


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