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Lunch Dates vs Dinner Dates: Which One is Better?

Being professional matchmakers in Boston for over 30 years, we are often asked a lot of the same questions. One of the recurring questions we receive is, Why Lunch? With the traditional date generally being thought of as taking place over a candlelit dinner, why did we focus on lunch?

Why we believe lunch is perfect for dating:

1. People Are Busy

Our always-moving world seems to never slow down. Where can each of us find the time to connect at night? We’ve found lunch is a much more flexible option before activities consume the evening.

2. Lunch Dating is Low Pressure

Lunch tends to be a much more casual meal than dinner. There isn’t the pressure to go all out, wearing a fancy dress or suit, though proper dress is still recommended. There also isn’t the pressure to decide whether or not to extend the date since it’s in the middle of the day.

Boston Lunch Date

3. Lunch Dating is Less Stressful

You won’t have to worry about the date consuming an entire evening. You won’t spend all day stressing and thinking about the date since it will already be over after lunch. A lunch date can be an easy way to keep your nerves to a minimum.

4. Lunch Dating is More Inexpensive

Lunch menus at restaurants generally offer items discounted from the dinner menu. Whether your date isn’t a match or you think you might have found the one, it doesn’t hurt to save a few dollars.

5. Your Evenings Are Free

If your lunch date goes well you could plan an activity for the evening. If it doesn’t go well, you still have the night ahead of you. With time being so precious, dating over lunch is an option that people have come to love for the freedom that it brings to their schedule.

While we love to set up singles over lunch, we still do matchmaking over dinner and drinks. It all comes down to preference. If you prefer dating in the evenings, we’d be happy to set you up over dinner. If you’d like to break up your day with a date over lunch, you know which matchmakers to contact.

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