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The 7 Stages to Becoming a Dating Ninja

The dating scene is tough today. Whether you’re newly single or have been single for a while, the challenges are painful at times. Love is a battlefield, right? Ninja’s are known for their skills and abilities. A Dating Ninja is a person who has lived and learned from their dating mistakes. Their skills at dating go hand and hand with their willingness to take responsibility for their actions on a date. For singles and dating, you have a few modus operandi to experience in order to reach Dating Ninja status. Let me explain…

Similar to Bruce Lee’s arduous efforts made through his journey in Enter the Dragon, you too will go through trials and tribulations to reach the promise land. A dating ninja is not made in a day.

Each dating stage you go through, you have an opportunity to learn. Finding the right partner to compliment you will change as you continue to evolve. Here are the seven stages of dating:

#1 Just want to get back out there. You’re exploring. You’re brand new! Feel free to discover and make mistakes. You’ll fine tune your craft of dating as long as you evaluate your experience. If singing karaoke on a first date (whilst your first date begrudgingly squirms at your performance) ends up that you’re singing solo, then do not repeat. This M.O. is short term.

#2 You’re trying to buy back your youth or love. What are your intentions dating? Are you filling a void? If you find yourself unable to relate to the person you’re sitting across the table from, yet compelled to date them, then wonder why.

#3 Having fun! You’re content with being single and you just want to explore dating different types of people. Not really looking for something serious. In this stage it’s more about experiencing variety to see what clicks. Quantity is what’s most important. *Warning this stage can lead to Peter Pan Syndrome or Serial Dating!

#4 Looking for LTR. Longing sets in after a while. You really want to connect with someone. Maybe a few games have been run on you (or you’ve run them). The real search as begun. Here’s where the work begins. Dating fatigue may set in.

#5 The Cynic. Mr. or Ms. Wonderful has not appeared. You have dating fatigue. You question as to whether that person existed to begin with. All of a sudden, dating seems like work. **Extra warning! This stage can create “wall building” that can potentially sabotage letting a great person enter your life.

#6 The Pilgrim. The journey of dating has taken to you a place inward. It is one of the most peculiar of destinations, since that it not where you had set out to go to begin with. But alas, you are here. You know who you are. You’re in a good place. * You can stay in this stage without perusing a partner. You feel a sense of peace.

#7 The Ninja. The difference between the Pilgrim and the Ninja is that the latter is a romantic at heart. You are a fool for love. You yearn to share a smile with your other half. Ninja have a keen sense of intellect, an understanding of human emotion, and a passionate soul. They are empathic to their single counterparts. They help lesser experienced daters. They may have even fallen in love.

I have been approached by many singles who ask me what the algorithm is to finding love. That answer really depends on you. If I gave you Mr. or Ms. Wonderful and put them in front of you in Stage #1, no offense, but they’d look at you cross-eyed. At the end of the day, your dating experience has more to do with you, than finding that other person.

You: “What’s your style of dating?”

Me: “My style? You can call it the art of dating without dating.”

You: “The art of dating without dating? Show me some of it.”

Me: “Later.”

Can you find someone at any stage in dating? Yes. That opportunity is always there. But if you are still single, I can show you the way. I am the Dating Guru. As a dating coach at LunchDates, the work I do with my clients is not always easy. But working towards something great never is.


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