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The Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Dating

Virtual dating is a new idea for many, but it’s time that your love life and dating style adapts during this time too! The current pandemic doesn’t have to put a dent in your dating life. You can still be safe by social distancing and enjoy virtual creative, romantic date ideas from the comfort of your home. There are a few tips and tricks to make sure you are making a great first impression and virtually dating the right way! Here are the top 10 do’s and don’ts of virtual dating.

1. Do Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are even more important when you’re virtually dating because they are the only thing the other person has to reference until you meet in person. In order to make a fantastic first impression over a video call, make sure you are in a quiet area where you have no distractions and can focus on your date. It is also important to get dressed nicely, have good lighting, a neat background and ask a friend or family member to test the video prior. You want to look prepared and presentable especially the first time you meet someone virtually!

2. Do Treat Your Video Call Like a Date

Virtual dating is a great way to meet new people during the current pandemic while staying safe in the comfort of your home. Even though you may be relaxing at home during your virtual date, it is important to treat every video call as you would an in-person date. If you like to dress nicely and do your hair for a date normally, then you should treat the virtual date just the same. Look good and feel good! Your date will notice your confidence through the screen!

3. Do Ask Quality Questions

It is not uncommon to have some apprehensions about a first date. You want to make an excellent first impression, while small talk can be difficult for many. Sometimes nerves can make us say things that we wished never came out of our mouths, which then leads to poor conversation. Focus on asking quality questions to learn about your date. Some ideas are asking about their day, their background, their ideal Sunday, their favorite hobbies or interests, or their dream job! One of our favorites has been “tell me about a hobby or skill you did not know you had before this started”.  Regardless of the topic, focus on sparking healthy, interesting conversation to set you up for success and to get you to a second date. Remember this is not an interview or interrogation, keep it light and have a good time!

4. Don’t Discuss Ex’s

On a first date, some topics are simply unimportant. Many people go overboard on a first date by telling their whole life story, and ultimately scare away a potential match. You want to avoid certain conversations like ex’s and your baggage on a virtual date just as you would in person. That is in the past, your date is your present and this person could be your future!

5. Do Be Yourself

Just because you are only meeting virtually now, doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually meet your date in person. Be yourself! Don’t hide who you are behind a screen. You owe it to yourself to be the amazing person that you are and show your date what they will be getting after the pandemic is over!

6. Do Find Out If You Have Chemistry

Like an in-person date, it is important to relax on the video call so you can evaluate your connection with your date. Do you notice any chemistry when you are talking? Maybe you get butterflies, really enjoy your conversations, or feel a natural spark. These are all effective ways to tell that you have compatibility and someone you may want to meet in person once the pandemic is over!

7. Do Be Complimentary 

Like an in-person date, It is important to be polite and use good manners on a virtual date. This includes using good manners and complimenting your date when possible. This is a nice way to make your date feel good and show them that you are interested. Make this a genuine act and truly mean it!

8. Don’t Be Judgmental

The Covid-19 outbreak is deeply affecting many people around the world. Your date could easily be someone who has been impacted or whose life has changed because of the virus. It is important not to judge someone right now during these uncertain times. Many are scared and not acting completely like themselves. Try to be mindful until we have made it through this.

9. Do Be Open

During the current pandemic it is key to be extra communicative and open with your date. You may not be seeing each other or speaking as often, but you should always know and want your partner to know where they stand in the relationship. Now is not the time to send mixed signals. Be vulnerable, be open, and don’t play games!

10. Don’t be afraid to be proactive

If you feel like there was chemistry, go ahead and schedule another time to “meet” again. Be mindful that people’s daily routines are constantly evolving, so find a time that will work best for both of you.

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