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Sure, you can do it.

Put on your best outfit, spray the right cologne, strap up in your finest confidence, go to the busiest venues, say the right things, ask the right questions, even buy the drinks.

But how many times have you had a seemingly positive, oftentimes even flirtatious conversation with someone, nothing but green flags, only to realize as you attempt to close the deal that they’ve been milking you all night long.

Sorry! I actually have a fiancé!

You’re frustrated, resentful towards dating and so sure this will be the reason you’ll stay single forever, all because you were used for a decent buzz, nothing more than a placeholder so Emily could emotionally stray from her fiancé for the evening. Now, is she truly happy in that relationship?

That’s not for us to say. But I can tell you this.

App dating and the hopefulness most daters carry of meeting a partner the old fashioned way – In Person – is like taking the backroads through a cross country drive instead of jumping on the interstate. As if someone will accidentally spill coffee on you in an adorable cafe on your way to work and you’ll fall in love, right there, right then when they offer to buy you a new blouse because they’re just so dang clumsy! 

The end goal remains.

You want a long-term relationship.

You want to drive from Massachusetts to California.

You can take the backroads, use the overcomplicated apps, blindly socialize in loud and overcrowded bar rooms, or you could go from Point A to Point B directly, all by using a Matchmaker.

Celebrating 40 years as Boston’s premier matchmakers,  LunchDates has unmatched expertise in working with the Hub’s most eligible executive singles.   Our team of Executive Matchmakers at LunchDates strategically places vetted, highly qualified and compatible candidates in front of our clientele after a rigorous interview process on your behalf. Guessing games have no place in our world of dating. he only thing left for you to do, Dear Client, is to explore the chemistry of the match.



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