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10 Signs You Need A Dating Coach To Improve Your Dating Success

Dating coach? Really? I’m sure anyone who needs a dating coach is hopeless to begin with! Might as well call it a day and get use to being alone. At least that’s what you’re probably thinking. But tell me something, do you think dating today is easier or more difficult than it was 15 years ago, how about even 5 years ago? We’re busier, have more choices than ever with online dating apps and websites. Dating fatigue seems to be settling in at a faster rate than ever. Am I wrong?

Whether you’re an experienced dater or someone who’s just trying to get back out there, dating coaches provide an invaluable resource for people who earnestly want to be successful in dating. Think of Tiger Woods. He’s definitely one of the greatest of all-time, however he has a swing coach. A child prodigy who has played the game since he was two and yet he works with a coach to improve his game….why? There are a number of reasons why people who want to be successful at something choose coaching. With the rise in singles throughout the U.S. as well as the increase in popularity of online dating, dating coaches will become more and more popular for people who want to improve their dating success, and ultimately find a relationship.

Here are 10 signs that you may need a dating coach:

1. You’ve been on a million first dates. It’s definitely “them” and not “you”.

2. You haven’t been single or dated in a long time and not sure how to get back out there.

3. You find yourself discussing your dating life or past relationships on your dates.

4. You know you’ve sabotaged a potential relationship in the past by making a mistake early on.

5. You keep picking and are attracted to the wrong type of guy/girl.

6. You’re not confident in dating.

7. You’re not sure what to wear, what to ask, or where to go on a date.

8. You want feedback on your dating life, but don’t have someone who can offer sound advice. (Parents, married friends, even single friends can’t offer an objective critique).

9. You dates aren’t following up with you. Ex: You think there’s chemistry, but they’re not feeling it.

10. You have dating fatigue and you want to give up.

Can we be successful dating without a dating coach? It’s similar to starting a weight loss program on your own. Working with a coach only expedites the process, keeping you on track, and getting you to your goal faster. Another great perk from dating coaching is that what I teach my clients will be carried with them for the rest of their dating lives. They even use the skills I teach them in their relationships. Being thoughtful, confident, a good listener, and knowing how to engage someone of the opposite sex are just some of the areas we work on together.

I hope if you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, you think about working with a dating coach if any of these signs rings true to you. Having someone in your corner, especially for your love life, is a game changer.


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