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Boston Dating Coach: Here To Help You Find Happiness

LunchDates is a matchmaking service dedicated to helping singles connect with like minded individuals who share similar interests. Our goal is to prepare our clients for dating by offering dating coaching in Boston. We are dedicated to helping you find the right partner. Using a dating coach enables you to build confidence in your dating abilities through helpful advice. You’ll soon be on your way to having a successful first date that could lead to much more.

What is a Dating Coach?

A dating coach helps you improve your personal skills and offers constructive criticism when needed. It’s far easier to share your dating fears with a professional in the field than with your friends, who may pass some judgment or not take you seriously. Our dating coaches will get to know you through personal discussion, and then, without judgment, will help you find your inner-dating confidence. Dating coaches often use proven methods such as role play with their clients to get them comfortable with approaching prospective partners and engaging in good conversation. Lastly, your coach is available to offer you the encouragement everyone in the dating world needs to get back out there, especially if your past experience has not gone so well.

Practice Your Dating Skills: Seize the Opportunity

Growing up we often heard the saying “practice makes perfect”, and as it applies to many situations (music, sports, work…), this also applies to dating. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice your newly acquired dating skills. You may or may not meet “the one” on your first try, but you will certainly have the confidence and guidance backing you when you finally do. Plus, pair your improved skills with our matchmaking abilities and you will be on path to success. These are advantages and opportunities no swipe on your smartphone can do.

Consult with a Dating Coach

Our professional dating coaches at LunchDates are ready to get to know you and place you on your way to a successful dating experience. To consult with one of our dating coaches contact us today at (617) 254-3000.


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