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Why I Got A Dating Coach

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get a dating coach? Here are 5 reasons I decided to improve my dating life and get a dating coach.

  1. I Was Nervous

I was extremely nervous before going into each date and needed to gain some self-esteem. Having a dating coach completely boosted my confidence and allowed me to actually enjoy myself and have fun on dates.

  1. Conversations Were Hard

On a date I never knew what to talk about and would often have periods of awkward silence. Having a coach allowed me to learn topics to discuss and also avoid on a first date!

  1. I Wanted More Second Dates

I wasn’t seeing the results with dating I wanted prior to having a dating coach. I wanted more second dates and the ability to have a serious relationship. A coach allowed me to be serious about my dating life and change my outlook.

  1. I Needed Helpful Feedback

I wanted to get better at dating, and needed the honest feedback in order to improve. A dating coach gave me the helpful feedback I needed.

  1. I Was Ready For a Relationship

I decided I was serious about dating and this was a big step in the right direction. I am ready to find the one and a dating coach supported me.

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