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Why I Must Be Your Online Dating Coach…

Fact: FAA will require airline pilots to have at least 1,500 flight hours

Fact: A commercial pilot license requires a minimum of 250 hours of flying

Fact: After medical school, the average soon to be doctor spends anywhere from three to five years in residency, and then there is the opportunity to further specialize with a fellowship after they are finished.

Why am I stating this? Married for ten years (that’s 87.600 hours and thus my undergrad). 100 first dates the first time around (average of 3 hours per person = 300 field hours). 2 long term relationships (medical school residency). Another 10 months being single (15+ first dates and counting) – my fellowship to further specialize my area of expertise. I’d say that I have the prerequisite to know what the hell I’m talking about!

Oh and one more important fact, and one that I would like to point out (if anyone mentions to this to you over and over again pay attention)! I have been told my many of my first dates, close family members, friends, even past lovers (dare I say) that I would be a great dating coach. In reality I was a personal trainer for many years when I was involved in the fitness business. Coaching comes naturally to me and I very much enjoy it. But this idea of a becoming a dating coach and sharing my stories and tales of woe (and wooing) was something I pushed against tremendously. Who am I to give advice about love? How can any one human know how to handle another’s heart?

It was very recently, actually too recent to even mention here, that a soon would be suiter told me over the phone (once again) that I should be a dating coach. You’re asking yourself, why is this guy telling her that? When a guy bombs horribly at any stage of courtship I usually, and tenderly, try to give him some female coaching advice. He picked up on it right away and was most appreciative of my polite, yet candid nature.

So here I embark on a new adventure eager to share and serve those around me who are searching for love. For every new online dating app out there, there’s one of us who will download it and give it a try. But here’s the kicker – it’s like walking down the spaghetti sauce isle with 100 jars of sauce to choose from, but you still don’t know how to boil water. Now I’m not saying I’m a great cook. Those that know me well would actually say I’m the worst cook they know. But I do know how to boil water. Let us find love together, and help each other on the way, no matter how ugly it gets!


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