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Boston’s Summer 2023 Dating Scene

How’s the current dating scene in Boston?

Dating in Boston has drastically changed over the past year in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic. It may feel increasingly difficult to meet someone in the city of Boston, despite the thousands of singles that are out there! Navigating these new, post-pandemic waters may appear difficult especially if you are a stranger to the dating game. Let’s take a look at the current dating scene as more singles are emerging back out into the dating world and explore what we think dating in Boston will look like in the coming year.

What’s Still the Same?

There are no shortcuts in dating! Dating apps are still around, but after being the primary option for connecting with potential partner’s during the past year in the pandemic, they are quickly growing stale as Boston opens back up. The app scene saw a significant rise in the early months of COVID, as the reality of quarantining forced singles out of their daily norms.

Unfortunately, as time went on, Boston singles began to develop dating app fatigue and the selection of potential matches available are many of the same people who have been on the apps long before the pandemic started. And as if meeting someone from a dating app wasn’t a risk for disappointment already, the risk with the pandemic still looming only heightened it. Many have deleted their dating apps all together from their phone because of this realizing that the risk doesn’t outweigh the potential reward at this point.

Single’s are also now looking for more genuine and honest ways of meeting people and are prioritizing the qualities in a person that will allow a relationship to be sustainable such as chemistry, witty banter, and intelligence over superficial aspects like looks which the dating apps solely highlight.

What’s Changed?

Dating in Boston will mean emerging from your cocoon back into the world as your best self. With many bars still closed, people aren’t naturally running into each other in public as they once did. With social distancing guidelines, mask mandates and many working remotely, the opportunities to meet out or at a workplace is almost impossible. This “new normal” as we come back into the dating scene is allowing single’s to reflect on what went wrong when dating in the past and reevaluate how to date differently now. Matchmakers at LunchDates are noticing that single’s in the Greater Boston area are putting in more effort on dates to impress their potential match.

Dating was getting a bit stale before the pandemic, as many felt like they were on a proverbial hamster wheel and never had the time to slow down and appreciate the person they were with. Many also felt like they were simply going through the motions when meeting someone new. However now, having found a new appreciation for simply just being out in public, having a nice meal, getting dressed up, and enjoying an adult conversation is encouraging single’s to be the best ladies and gentlemen they can be when entertaining new suitors!

Why Now Is the Time to Start Dating!

The Pandemic has given everyone a much needed wake up call when it comes to discerning what’s important in their lives and what really matters when it comes to dating. Journeying out of this pandemic, Matchmakers at LunchDates are noticing that singles in Boston are much more focused than they used to be on what they like about a potential match, rather than trying to find something initially wrong with the person. In a nutshell, people are truly giving new suitors a chance and finding themselves acting less judgmental. This may be in part because as a collective, we now see such value in the little things like human interaction, knowing that it can be taken away in an instant! We have all had the time to pause, reflect and grow as individuals, and we can now put our best foot forward in the dating world this Summer ahead!

How to Start Dating Again?

It may be a bit too soon to see the nightlife scene resume to its fullest in Boston, making meeting someone naturally still more difficult than it was prior to the pandemic. However, more singles in the Greater Boston area are turning to local Matchmakers to set them up for success! If you’re serious about dating, the most convenient and fun way to start meeting someone is by joining a matchmaking service.

Your matchmaker will set you up on quality dates with someone who shares the same interests and values as you do. More importantly, your date will have the same relationship goals as you do. This will definitely help filter out dates who do not have clear intentions like the people we have all come across on dating apps. LunchDates is Boston’s most trusted matchmaking service and they have helped thousands of Boston singles become couples! Call them today for a consultation to help get you back out there at 617-Date-Now. The only thing you have to lose is your single life!


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