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June 30, 2020
Posted by Aimee

single boston womenSingle men seem to have this question running through their head on a consistent basis: where can I meet other single women? In a big city like Boston, the opportunities are endless – bars, work, dance classes, coffee shops, and on and on. But the better question for a single man to ask is this: where can I find a single woman in Boston who is compatible with me?

To use a frequently cited analogy, there are many fish in the sea, but what if those fish are lutefisk? That’s where a professional matchmaker can help.

Should You Consider Online Dating Services?

Absolutely yes – you should try online dating. Just like how using a personal trainer at the gym can transform your workout, using a dating service can dramatically improve your odds of finding a match. Dating services like LunchDates take a targeted approach to dating, seeking to pair you with someone based on your specific interests. The only way we can stay in business is by providing great matches for clients.

Should I Use the Services of Online Dating Agencies or Go for the Old-Fashioned Way?

Why not both? A dating service such as LunchDates provides you specific matches while a friend or colleague might also be able to pair you up with someone who is a good fit. Though, if you find that you are frequently short on time, a professional matchmaker might be a better fit for you instead of a reference from a friend.

Meeting  single women isn’t hard if you know where to look. Or better yet, have someone else do the looking for you.

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