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5 Things To Never Tell a Woman on a First Date

With a million ways for a first date to go wrong (and right), take our advice on 5 things you shouldn’t tell a woman on a first date. Even though these may seem very easy to follow, there’s a reason we mention them – people still say them.

Don’t Treat Her Like an Object

When it comes to women, one of the most common fears about the first date is that men will objectify them for their physical beauty, not paying attention on what they have to say. So, saying ‘Can I take your picture?’ or ‘Nice curves!’ will probably get you nowhere. If you add staring inappropriately to this situation, you have a good chance of your first date being your last date.

Avoid Comparing Her to Your Mother

The best way to impress a woman is to treat her like she is one of a kind and avoid any comparisons, especially comparing her to your mother. Mentioning your mother on the first date will make your date think that you are a momma’s boy unable to make decisions on his own. Furthermore, comparing your date to your mother can imply that you are an insecure person looking for the woman to basically replace your mom. Therefore, it is best to leave any mother-related topics alone.

Stop Trying To Save Money on the First Date

A first date isn’t the best time to use a coupon or a Groupon. Being “cheap” or stingy can be a great quality in many life situations, but in the case of the first date it is unacceptable. Making odd faces every time you pull out your wallet and wondering when everything got so expensive will make you look petty. Your date will probably think that you aren’t financially stable, and women look for men that are able to support them through life, not to be supported.

Don’t You Dare Say ‘I Love You’

Expressing your deeper feelings on the first date is strictly forbidden, unless you want to scare your date away. Saying ‘I love you’ to a person you have just met will mean that you are an emotional individual that makes decisions hastily. Besides this, you may not be taken seriously as the words ‘I love you’ should always be said meaningfully. Leave your declarations of love for some other time and focus on getting to know your date better.

Pass up the Opportunity to Invite Her to Your Place

The first date should end with a kiss at most. Inviting your date back to your place could be too forward and move the relationship faster than it’s ready to go. Take things slow, get to know the other person, and let the relationship grow at a pace that’s comfortable for both people.

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