Is He Into Me? Top 6 Warning Signs From A Boston Dating Coach

January 28, 2017
Posted by Aimee

Single Boston women are smart, professional and have a lot going for them. So why is the struggle so real when it comes to finding a great guy? Being super selective is one challenge, although a valid one. But what if you find someone you’re excited about and he doesn’t return your enthusiasm? Is he into you and busy or taking it slow? Or is he just not that interested? As a Boston-based date coach, here are my top 6 tell-tale signs that a single guy in Boston isn’t really into you.

Here's how to tell when the answer to "is he into me?" is no:

#1 He doesn’t text you back or call you. Or he only texts you really late at night (we know what that’s all about). Guys will always reach out to women and communicate with them if they’re interested. If his response lapses outside of a 12-24 hour window before you get a text/call back, move on.

#2 He still talks about his ex, girls he’s dated or how hot girls are. If he’s into you, he’s paying you compliments on how hot you are. And his ex doesn’t even enter his mind. Lot’s of girl talk = keeping my options open.

#3 He hasn’t actually taken you out on a date yet. Coffee, Netflix, and walking his dog are not “actual” dates. He needs to schedule a time to take you out and bring you to dinner. Courtship has a process.

#4 You broach the subject of being exclusive and he doesn’t give you a clear answer. This is assuming that it is the appropriate time for the talk. If you’ve been out a few times and your approach is light-hearted and open, he should be direct with you. Saying things like “Carpe Diem!” “Just taking it one day at a time!” “Just living life” “Let’s just have fun!” All allude to a carefree and careless attitude involving more serious emotions.

#5 His online profiles are still active. A few dates in and he’s still blowing up Match or Tinder, you know that he’s still out there shopping. The “I don’t know how to turn them off” excuse is outdated at this point in the online dating game.

#6 Your gut is telling you to move on. A woman’s instinct helps guide her when making a decision. Are you making excuses for his behavior? Do you get a bad feeling when he doesn’t text you back? Pay attention to how you feel.

There are great guys out there in Boston. You do deserve one and you can find one. Hiring a professional matchmaker just makes your life that much easier. We do the work for you. Until then, when you meet a guy on the fence, pay attention to the signs he’s giving you. When a man is interested in a woman, he is obvious about it.

Disclaimer: If he’s pushing off plans with you to watch the Red Sox with his buddies, he could still be interested in you. This is Boston after all!!!

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