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10 Signs That You’re Ready For A Matchmaker

Do matchmakers really exist in the day and age of online dating? You better believe it! With all the online options many people wonder why anyone would work with a professional to navigate the world of romance. Surprisingly with the increase in online dating apps, off-line matchmaking has never been busier. Here are the top 10 reasons why you may want to consider using a matchmaker in 2017:

#1 Your friends are sick of your online horror stories. The “she looked nothing like her pictures” line is getting old. We get it; online stinks.

#2 You’ve had more first dates over the past year than second. That’s a lot of money, time and energy wasted.

#3 Dating fatigue has set in and you’re completely exhausted.

#4 You keep running into people that aren’t really that serious about getting into a relationship.

#5 The bar scene and meeting through friends isn’t producing the quality people you want to meet.

#6 Chemistry is hard to define but even harder to find.

#7 You’re ready to meet someone great.

#8 You’re professional, have your act together, and are extremely busy. You may not have time to date, but if you met the right person, you’d make time.

#9 Your friends and family say you need help dating.

#10 It’s a New Year and you’re ready to try something different. Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes!

Many first time clients working with a matchmaker are intimidated by the process. The hardest step is picking up the phone and having that first conversation. No one wants to admit they need help, especially when it comes to their love life. With all dating apps out there, matchmakers provide an advantage to overall dating success. We help our clients every day with feedback sessions, coaching, and the convenience of low maintenance dating. Not to mention, we’ve pretty successful. We who have chosen this profession, or many times it chooses us, do this because we’re passionate about bringing the right types of people together. Let us help you find that special person in 2017.


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