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5 Things I Learned After Using a Matchmaker

Are you sick of online dating or going out and trying to meet someone at a bar? Many of us are! Have you ever thought about turning to a Matchmaker for a little help? Here’s what I learned after making the leap!

  1. They Are Normal People

No need to be nervous. A professional matchmaking service provides you with exceptional customer service and confidentiality. The dates are also with normal people who are simply looking for a relationship. The clients can range from doctors, lawyers to men in finance whom are all busy professionals.

  1. It’s Just a Drink

The first date with a new match is always just a drink or coffee. There is never any pressure to sit down and have a long, awkward dinner with someone you’ve never met before. It is up to you to decide if you’d like to extend the date, or if you’d like to go out again.

  1. There’s Different Options

A professional Matchmaking service typically has different membership options and it is important to be honest with your matchmaker in order to see what service is best for you. There also may be coaching offered to supplement the memberships.

  1. Nobody Puts All Their Eggs in One Basket

Just because you are using a matchmaker doesn’t mean you have to only date through the matchmaker. In fact, many people will continue to online date and go out to bars. However, by having a matchmaker, you increase the odds of actually going out on a date and meeting a quality partner.

  1. It’s Fun!

Joining a new community of single people in your area is fun! It’s exciting to try new restaurants and meet new people. The more you put yourself out there, the greater the odds are that you find the one!


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