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Finding Love After 40 – How a Matchmaker Can Help

Ah, the fabulous 40s. To get to this point in life, you’ve experienced quite a few highs and lows. You’ve probably left home, gone to school, taken hold of your career, and maybe fallen in love on the way. Maybe love has taken a backseat to work lately, and you’ve found yourself wondering when your happily-ever-after is going to come along or you’re ready to get back on the horse after separating with a partner.

Maybe you’ve been happily single for years, or maybe you’ve ended a relationship. You might be tired of first dates that never go anywhere. You could be looking for some dating after divorce dos and don’ts. And at the root of it all, perhaps you just can’t find the time in your busy schedule to look for a relationship.

If you find yourself ready to date, but at a loss as to how to navigate the dating scene as a working professional, our professional matchmaking services can give you a lift. Not only can matchmaking allow you to avoid the endless sea of online dating, it can lead you to love.

How Does Matchmaking Work?

Dating can be challenging, particularly at this time in your life. The dating pool of people your age is different from what it was in your 20s. More people have kids, messy past relationships, or are completely dedicated to work. Matchmaking can take some of the guesswork out of the confusing process of dating after 40.

Working with LunchDates is like having your best friend set you up with someone they swear is perfect for you; only better. Matchmaking goes beyond physical appearances to focus on compatibility on all levels. The process essentially takes out the frustrating part of finding a date, leaving the enjoyable part of getting to know a new person to you!

During the process, your LunchDates matchmaker will get to know you. Your likes, dislikes, passions, pet peeves, and aspirations are all important in defining who you are as a person and what kind of match would be ideal. One of our professional matchmakers will then use this information to arrange a date with a compatible person from our wide pool of candidates. From there, your only job is to go on that date and see if love blossoms.

How Is Matchmaking Different From Online or Blind Dating?

For those who have never used a matchmaking service, the distinction between online dating and matchmaking can be difficult to understand. But several key differences can help you determine which method to use in your journey to a quality relationship.

Pictures Versus Personality

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but can it actually tell you about a person? The first thing you look at on someone’s online dating profile is their picture. From there, it’s easy to dream about what he or she must be like. He’s wearing glasses, so surely he’s a reader. There’s a dog in her profile pictures, so she must love be an a. Many dating apps or websites focus on making their users select matches based entirely on the physical. While these resources can be a good way to set up a ton of first dates, it’s unclear how many of those first dates might lead to a lasting relationship.

Matchmaking with LunchDates goes deeper. For those seeking a long-term relationship, matchmaking may be a better option. Physical attraction is only one factor in determining if a person is right for you. Professional matchmakers take the time to get to know you on a personal level, so they can determine if a potential match is right for you.

Differing Results

Are you looking for love, or something more casual? This is the ultimate question to ask yourself when deciding whether to make use of a matchmaking service or online dating. As mentioned above, online dating can help you go on a lot of first dates. But those apps are also home to serial daters who aren’t interested in long-term relationships.

There’s a big difference between online daters and people who use matchmaking services. Our clients are focused on finding quality relationships. They are more likely to be searching for someone who is compatible and wants more than a first date.

How Can LunchDates Help Working Professionals Find Their Best Match?

If you’ve decided to forgo online dating and take advantage of LunchDate’s services, know that not all matchmakers are created equal. LunchDates makes dating simple for working professionals by arranging casual dates between career-minded men and woman.

For over 30 years, LunchDates has been the most trusted matchmaker for single professionals in the Greater Boston area. Our exclusive clients are among some of the most eligible singles in the area: cultured, professionally successful, and looking for a quality relationship.

Many of our clients have never used a professional matchmaking service before, but they’ve found our experienced matchmakers are anything but scary! LunchDates offers a variety of matchmaking services, including hand selected dates and one-on-one support. Our unparalleled services focus on discretion, safety, and providing support from professional matchmakers with decades of experience. With different levels of clientele, there’s something for every working professional looking for love.


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