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Is a Professional Matchmaker Really Worth the Money?

We can all admit that 2020 has been a year of challenges financially, emotionally, and physically. Being confined to home offices, spending the day in our pjs and workout gear, and having much of our daily life turned upside down, this year has proven particular challenges for professional singles wanting to find a relationship.

Dating has never been easy. Up until COVID hit, singles had the opportunity to meet lots of people via online dating apps or hitting the Boston dating scene. That didn’t necessarily equate to meeting the right person. In fact, many singles shared their frustration of going on lots of first dates, but not many second. In a COVID world, the dating pool and scene has shrunk considerably. Now singles can’t go out and mingle to meet new people, and the frustration of online dating apps has only been accentuated. So what about a professional matchmaker? Are they worth the money in a post-COVID world?

Here’s 3 reasons why using a matchmaker is worth the money.

Reason #1: Their dating pool is better. Professional matchmakers, like the ones at LunchDates, have been around for over 30 years working with local Boston singles for a long time. Singles who are serious about getting into a relationship contact them, many through referrals of friends who have been set up. Matchmakers meet their clients face to face (when able) and take the time to understand who they are and what type of person they’re looking for. The last thing they want to do is waste their clients time setting them up on bad dates.

Matchmakers have always had the best dating pool.

Reason #2: It’s safer and the dates are better quality. So how do singles safely date today? Matchmakers like the ones at Lunchdates offer 2 types of dating options 1.) Social Distance dating where singles meet at a restaurant (preferably outdoors and weather permitting) and 2.) Virtual Dating via video platforms. The vetting process is still the same. Professional matchmakers work with their clients to understand what type of person they’re looking for and the type of person they feel comfortable dating. They then select the best match and set them up on the date , handling all of the details even the time and location.

Matchmakers make it safe and don’t waste your time with bad matches.

Reason #3: Quality singles seek out quality professionals to support them. Professional singles who work with a professional matchmaker are serious about their time and quality of people they’d like to meet. Not everyone wants to jump into a relationship right away (though there are some!). Whether it’s getting back into the dating game after a long time out or you have trouble meeting new people, matchmakers work to understand what their clients are looking for now and long term. What’s common to their clients is that they’re not interested in a fling or serial dating. Clients, like the ones at LunchDates are too busy to be going out on a lot of bad first dates, especially today.

Dating can still be fun and you can still meet the right person!

No one would have thought we’d be in the world we’re in now. Many of us can see the silver lining. Life has slowed down for most of us and we’re spending more time with close family and friends. Being single through this year can be extremely challenging. But singles that are serious about getting into a relationship and finding a great person are working with professional matchmakers like never before. Their large dating pool, expertise at matching up the right people, and passion for making their clients happy is exactly what singles need right now. If you want to talk to a professional matchmaker to learn more, call Lunchdates today!


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