Life As A Matchmaker…

June 21, 2016
Posted by Aimee

(Say the first part in your best cowboy/western accent)

I would reckon that if I asked ya’ll if you’ve ever met a matchmaker you would most admittedly answer “No!” BUT!! Soon after the initial inquiry your innocent eyes would glaze over and scan the landscape of the room and within a second – smirk at me deviously and ask, “Heck – why are you one?”

The human fascination with novelty always amazes me.

You’ve never met us. You think we’re obscure or relic. Definitely a charlatan or phantom of the past. Absolutely no use in the modern era of A.I. or technology based algorithms that do all the thinking for us. Got Big Data?? Who need’s human beings! That’s for babies… Get me spreadsheets and let’s talk strategy! Can I make the case for still needing human intuition for business and pleasure, or at least dating??

We matchmakers walk in the shadows and watch the room shift until our opportunity arises. We have a special talent for connecting people to people. Think you don’t need us? Think again. You need us more now than ever.

Do you ever have that sinking feeling that the more attached you are to your phone, IPad, PC, with the infinite choices from anything as trivial as coffee (dare I say) to finding the love of your life, the more you yearn for the touch of another human being? I will say that we in the business of matchmaking have an uncanny high IQ when it comes to emotional intelligence. Must have been born that way. But to morph it into a profession? Well we can all agree romance is a business. A multimillion dollar business. We all know sex sells. Can we say the same for love? I’ll show you a successful matchmaking office and I know any inside sales director would be drooling to recruit us. Yeah – we’re that good.

Yet (personally – gasp!) I am in the fascinating circumstance of being a “single” matchmaker. Keeping the lines straight between business and pleasure is a vigilant task. I can only image Steve Jobs laying awake at night (premortem) thinking of the next evolution of his Apple products. Do you think he would have been a good Robo Steve had it been possible? How closely can we blend our profession, our lives, and our passions? Especially if we’re passionate about passion? I tread lightly to say the least. Humility is key. And a sense of humor.

I gladly welcome the opportunity to talk about what I do for a living. Everyone deserves love.

And it seems like these days the Gold Rush out West is over, i.e. our search to find the ‘One’. Every bright eyed Pilgrim grabbed his mate and stuck his stake in the ground years ago, or so it seems these days. Crops have grown and been harvested a dozen times over. But some of us are still traveling. Still searching. Maybe we’re the last of the renegade cowboys scattered about searching for that one last plot of land no one has claimed.

I got my horse boys. Gitty up!

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