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People Who Do Way Better With Matchmaking Than Online Dating

Is using a traditional matchmaker taboo? Who are these people that work with experts in the areas of love? Lost souls who can’t date on their own? The rejects of society that need to hire a professional to help them get a date? Hardly, folks. Anyone who’s tried online dating will enthusiastically agree there’s more than a fair share of those people on the internet.

So who are our clients? What are they like and why do they work with us? You’d be surprised.

Our clients come from a number of different professional backgrounds, and typically have never used a matchmaker before. Some have tried online dating with mixed results. They, like you, don’t really know if it would be something “normal” people would do. Our clients are quite normal. They’re busy professionals that value their time and want to invest in finding a quality person to pursue a relationship.

The online daters that are not suited for our service are easy to identify. Here’s a quick comparison of our clients vs. people who should stay online. We’ll call them “Serial Daters”.

Typical Clients

Very busy schedule, value their time


Successful Professionally

Want a serious relationship

Well traveled

Prefer the confidentiality of the service

More concerned about quality vs. quantity

Intelligent and well spoken

Serial Daters

don’t mind wasting time browsing through profiles

Typically not well-educated

Unemployed, struggling with career

Looking for something casual

Not very cultured

Don’t mind having their profile “out there”

Dating for the sake of dating

Need I say more….?

If you fall into the category of one of our typical clients, I strongly recommend not wasting any more time online and give us a call at LunchDates. Our boutique service is catered to meeting our clients’ individual needs, plus you get to work with a team of matchmakers that relentlessly strive to find quality matches. There are only so many horrors stories of online dates your friends can take. When you’re ready to make a real investment in love, call a matchmaker.


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