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Top 4 Secrets: Why Matchmakers are Better at Dating than You

If you’re like most busy singles that work with a professional matchmaker, you have your stuff together. You’re attractive, well educated, have a good job, and a great group of friends. So why would someone like that need a matchmaker to set them up? Wouldn’t online dating apps, speed dating, or randomly meeting someone out be enough? Well if you’re reading this and you’re still single then you know how frustrating it is. With all the dating tools out there why does it seem like no amount of swiping leads to a second or third date? Have you lost your touch?

Enter the matchmaker. But what kind? When you think of a matchmaker do you think of a cool suave dude like Will Smith in Hitch or a Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker type dealing with tough and sometimes quirky clients? Matchmakers are as normal as the rest of us. But what makes them really good at their professional is their passion to fit the right people together to end up in long term relationships. So what do they have that a dating app or speed dating doesn’t have?

Secret #1: A high level of emotional intelligence. What does that mean for you? They can read people. More specifically they can read you. And because you’re investing in their skills to find the right person, they’re accountable to making sure they set you up for success.

A data app has as much emotional intelligence as doorknob.
Artificial Intelligence does not = Emotional Intelligence

Secret #2: They’re relentless. When you invest in a professional matchmaker, you hire a recruiter for your love life. They are always on the hunt for a great match. How many times have you caught yourself zoning out while swiping? Swiping while you’re waiting for your cappuccino or standing in the supermarket is not the ideal “head space” to meeting the person of your dreams. Sure you may get lucky. We all know people who’ve gotten into great relationships online right? It seems like there’s less and less of those people and more bad matches?

Imagine your personal trainer saying they don’t feel like working out with you today. You’d say, “What? That’s what I’m paying you for!” Now imagine that for your love life.

Secret #3: You’re single for a reason. Maybe you’re single because you’re too busy. Maybe you’re single because you’re too picky. And all the dating apps and speed dating events have left you disappointed and wondering if there’s anyone out there that could live up to your expectations. What a matchmaker can do for you, is hold up a “gentle” mirror to show you how you’re sabotaging or limiting the opportunity to meet a great person.

Tough love can many times lead to true love.

Secret #4: You’ve had enough of being single. Why would this be a great reason to work with a matchmaker? Because the clients that matchmakers want to work with are those that are truly ready to get into a great relationship. Unlike dating apps where you’ll run into newly single, kind of single, not really single, definitely single people, matchmakers are selective about who they work with and who they bring into the fold of the professional dating network.

Matchmakers are exclusive. Dating apps are not.

It’s always a choice. And you have plenty of them. You can choose to register for another virtual speed dating event. You can sit on your phone and hope the next swipe is the swipe of your dreams. Or you can reach out to a professional matchmaker like LunchDates and let us know that you’re ready to get serious about meeting someone to be serious with. It’s your call.

The book of life is brief

Once the page is read

All but love is dead

This is my belief

And yes I know how lonely life can be

Shadows follow me

And the night won’t set me free

But I don’t let the evening get me down

Now that you’re around me

“And I Love You So” by Elvis Presley

About the author: Aimee Burke is the author of numerous articles on singles and dating. She moonlights as Lunch Dates’ guest blogger and dating advice expert having successfully coached and matched Boston singles for years.


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