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Professional Matchmaking and Executive Dating Service in Boston

LunchDates has earned a reputation as the most trusted matchmakers for single professionals in the Greater Boston area. With LunchDates you can be a client, executive client, or a candidate for one of our matchmaking clients. Learn about our different options below and if you’re interested, fill out our form to start your profile, and you’ll be on your way!


Executive Client


For over 40 years LunchDates has been known throughout Boston as the go-to place for professional matchmaking. Most of our clients have never worked with a professional matchmaker before. It can appear scary and overwhelming. But just the opposite is true!

Why should you consider LunchDates as your dating resources? Personal Recruitment & Results! Look, we’re not saying you couldn’t get a date on your own. In fact, with the number of dating apps out there today, most people can get a date at any time. So why pay for a professional dating service? Because you don’t want to waste your time. Because you want quality. Because you want to be in a relationship.

And let me tell you a secret the elite and eligible of Boston single don’t want to let you in on. The dating scene is flooded with swipe savvy time wasters. So when they really want to meet an exceptional person and time is valuable, they hire a professional recruiter for their love life.

So how does it work? Very easily! Just create a quick profile below and we’ll call you up to schedule a private interview.

If we think you’re a good fit, we’ll get you started and on your first date in no time! If you have any questions before you sign up, give us a call at 617-254-3000

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Get started meeting successful singles in the greater Boston area.

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    Our Executive Clients invest in LunchDates to receive exclusive one-on-one dating service from the very best matchmaking team in the Boston area. Most of our executive clients can’t have nor want the exposure of online dating websites or apps. Whether it be their profession (such as physicians, attorneys, or CEO’s) to a more private individual who prefers a white glove service, our clients confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

    We understand discretion. But we also blend that with a little tenacity from our Boston matchmaking team. Why? So we can help our executive clients get into relationships! Each of your dates are hand selected based on a number of specific criteria that you and your matchmaker establish. And pre- and-post dating advice is coordinated between you and one of our dating coaches.

    Why should you consider an executive client membership? Top Shelf Recruitment with Top Shelf Results! If you’re looking for an extraordinary person to match your incredible life, how else are you going to go about finding them? Look, people are busy. And you are too. Your time is too valuable and this part of your life is too important to leave to chance.

    Hire a professional recruiter for your love life.

    If you’d like to chat about our executive Boston matchmaking services, give us a call at 617-254-3000.

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    Get started meeting successful singles in the greater Boston area.

    Call us: 617-254-3000

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