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Why Online Dating Doesn’t Work

Chances are you know someone who met their partner online. Some 413 million daters worldwide now use online dating apps with the U.S. leading the numbers. So online dating has to work, right?

Whether you’ve been burned before or you’re just skeptical, online dating may not be for you. Don’t feel bad, there are plenty of reasons why to skip online dating and explore other options. Let’s look at the downside of online dating and how you can find a more meaningful connection elsewhere.

Why Online Dating Is so Hard

Online dating requires a lot from you. In order to even get to a first date you’ll need to:

  • Create and manage a profile
  • Sift through countless other profiles
  • Guess who would be a likely match
  • Send emails or texts
  • Monitor your inbox
  • Reply to messages from potential matches
  • And all of that simply to schedule a date

Online dating can easily turn into a full time job with no guarantee of a payoff. Is the time involved worth the outcome? It may be for some, but if you’re a busy person who’s not interested in playing games, online dating may not be for you. 

Reasons Online Dating Fails & Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

You’re a human being, not an algorithm. Letting a computer program choose the person you spend time with is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re looking for a few friends or casual fun, online dating may be your scene. But for serious adults who want to meet that special partner, the online dating pool can look more like shark infested waters. 

Here are ten reasons why online dating fails:

  1. People don’t represent themselves accurately.
  2. Scammers and stalkers prey on vulnerable emotions.
  3. Game players waste your valuable time.
  4. Many online daters don’t have time to invest in their outcomes.
  5. It’s nearly impossible to feel chemistry through an email or text.
  6. The poor options well outweigh the good prospects.
  7. Most online daters don’t know how to communicate.
  8. Lead-ins are often “Hey baby” or “What’s up?”
  9. After online dating for a while, you lose your objectivity.
  10. Online dating can create anxiety and lower self esteem. 

Don’t waste your time going down a dead-end dating road. Dating apps have been linked to mental health issues and feelings of hopelessness and loneliness.

Rejection can seriously impact your esteem, even if it’s done online. Ghosting (never writing back to someone without explanation) can have a similar effect. A virtual matchmaking community can lead to unhealthy real-world repercussions. 

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