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Best Halloween Costumes for Single People

Halloween Costume Ideas for Singles

It’s time for Halloween, a night where you’re allowed to pretend to be anyone (or anything) that you’d like! As a single, Halloween is a time to show off your personality and style! We’re here to help you pick the perfect costume to catch that special person’s eye this Halloween. Keep reading the lists below to pick your unique outfit and have the best single’s costume of Halloween this year in Greater Boston!

Single Women’s Costumes:

#1 Queen of Hearts

Why it’s a great choice: Be the ruler of love herself! This enchanting costume is perfect for finding the one on Halloween night! 

#2 Great Gatsby

Why it’s a great choice: Because you’re so classic! This vintage, 1920’s costume is festive, outgoing and can be worn to any upscale, Halloween party. Have fun picking out your sparkly flapper dress and boa!

#3 Cupid

Why it’s a great choice: For those of you ready to give your heart to someone this Halloween night, dress as your favorite interpretation of cupid! 

#4 Wednesday from The Addams Family

Why it’s a great choice: Put on your favorite little black dress, style your hair in two braids (or get a wig) and add some white face makeup to make you look ghostly pale Halloween night!

#5 An Alien

Why it’s a great choice: This cute, DIY costume idea allows you to really show off your creativity and style! There’s also endless possibilities when it comes to alien makeup on YouTube tutorials!

#6 Daphne or Velma from Scooby Doo

Why it’s a great choice: Because you’re ready to investigate love! This cute and classic look will be recognizable by any looking for love on Halloween night!

#7 A Vampire

Why it’s a great choice: For those hoping to find your next victim of love! Wear your favorite black outfit and add some fangs and blood for this sexy, DIY costume! 

#8 A Boxer

Why it’s a great choice: Show that you’re ready to fight for love in your cutest boxing attire! Plus the robe adds warmth on a chilly Halloween night! 

#9 Sandy from Grease 

Why it’s a great choice: This sexy, simple, last minute costume is great for single’s ready to hit the town in their best leather pants, red heels and big hairdo!

#10 A Fairy

Why it’s a great choice: For tinker bell fans or fairy fans in general, make this DIY look your own, just add some wings and fly on over to someone’s heart!

Single Men’s Costumes:

#1 Cupid

Why it’s a great choice: For those of you looking for love this Halloween night, go as your favorite DIY interpretation of cupid! 

#2 Julius Caesar

Why it’s a great choice: Show up ready to battle for love this Halloween!

#3 Fireman

Why it’s a great choice: Because who doesn’t love sparking up conversation with a hero!

#4 Popeye or a Pirate

Why it’s a great choice: A classic, simple choice and it won’t hurt that everyone will recognize those arms from a mile away!

#5 Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Why it’s a great choice: Why wouldn’t you want to dress like every woman’s favorite GOT character?!

#6 Elvis Presley

Why it’s a great choice: Because everyone loves the King of Rock! This costume will be sure to play up a conversation on Halloween night! 

#7 Baywatch 

Why it’s a great choice: This simple, sexy costume is great for anyone with red swim trunks and a whistle looking to be the center of attention on Halloween night! 

#8 Top Gun

Why it’s a great choice: Take on the town in a flight suit if you’re gunning for love this Halloween night!

#9 Superman

Why it’s a great choice: Show off your crime fighting superpowers this Halloween and you’ll be sure to impress! 

#10 NASCAR Driver

Why it’s a great choice: The perfect costume for those racing for love this Halloween!

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