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Cute Clever Halloween Costumes for Couples

Here at LunchDates, we know a good dating opportunity when we see one, and that’s exactly why we’ve got Halloween on the brain this time of year. Halloween parties offer unique opportunities to dress up with your special someone and spend a wild night on the town. Who doesn’t love dressing up, showing off and having fun with their date?

It’s even more fun to spend Halloween with your date when your costumes go together. If you’ve ever seen the classic plug and outlet costume pair or the nut and bolt duo, you know what we’re talking about. Single party-goers might laugh, but having matching costumes creates a sense of teamwork that can make the night even more special.

You and your significant other don’t want to pick something too generic, though, or you might end up matching another couple at your party! Instead, sit down together and pick something that makes you feel creative, happy and maybe a little bit sexy or silly. Check out our list of costume ideas to help inspire your creativity.

Food – Because Everyone Loves to Eat!

She’s the pizza slice…he’s the delivery boy!


This one’s especially fun if your first date was going out for pizza or if the two of you love spending nights on the couch with delivery pizza on the table. If you don’t want to buy the costume, make a pizza slice from construction paper and order pizza to procure an empty pizza box.

They’re both Nerds!


If you and your date are both nerds, embrace it! This costume makes it clear that you’ve got an other half hanging around somewhere, and it’s great for photo opportunities. Plus, it gives you an excuse to splurge on Halloween candy so you can be a couple of nerds who are dressed up like Nerds, walking around eating Nerds.

She’s the cake, he’s the baker!


What’s sweeter than being a cake and baker? This costume is great if one of you is actually a baker, but it’s also perfect if you both just love cake. If you don’t want to buy a costume, he can wear a white suit and grab a whisk from the kitchen, and she can make her costume from construction paper and a dress.

They’re both cheesy (chips)!


This cheesy costume idea is simple, easy and fun. The two of you can have a goofy crafting session and make your costumes from orange foam and some orange makeup smeared on your faces. You can also use the costumes as an excuse to grab a few bags of Doritos to take with you.

Cartoons, Comics and Games – Because Halloween Is for Your Inner Child!

He’s Popeye, she’s Olive Oil!


If you and your pair love classic cartoons, let the world know by dressing up as Popeye and Olive Oil! This costume isn’t too difficult to put together, as long as he doesn’t mind carrying around a can of spinach. The canned prop might not be tasty, but at least the two of you will feel silly and sexy.

They’re a Lego couple!


Trick-or-treating might be reserved for the kiddos on Halloween, but Legos aren’t! This costume isn’t easy to make, but you can go in together when you buy it. It’ll keep you both anonymous even though everyone will know who you are.

He’s Pac-Man, she’s Ms. Pac-Man!


You don’t need to be married (or even thinking about getting married) to enjoy dressing up as Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man! This classic costume will make everyone feel nostalgic and the two of you can have fun making it from cardboard and a bit of paint. What’s more fun than running around a Halloween party making your own “waka waka” sound effects?

She’s Barbie, he’s Ken!


Even if neither of you played with dolls as children, surely you’ve seen Toy Story 3! This Barbie and Ken duo will make anyone smile, especially if you stay in character. Plus, if you decide to do karaoke on Halloween, you two can sing Barbie Girl by Aqua and steal the show for the night.

Silly – Because Your Costume Should Make You Smile!

They’re boobs!


If you both want to make people giggle and stare, dress up as a pair of boobs! The costume is easy, funny and it’ll be clear that you’re missing your other half when you go off alone. If you two are different heights, your boobs will be lopsided and even sillier!

He’s the pinata, she’s the birthday girl!


This costume might be a little symbolic if you and your special someone have been together for awhile, but that’s part of the fun! A quick craft night is all it will take to put this costume together before Halloween rolls around. After that, all that’s left is to hand the pinata candy so that, when she “hits” him at the party, candy falls out!

They’ll teach you about the birds and the bees!


You might have to explain this costume a time or two, but that’s half of the fun! The two of you will spend Halloween night explaining the birds and the bees to adults who should know better, but are still confused.

He’s the pirate, she’s the prisoner!


There will be plenty of pirates on Halloween, but how many of them will have a beautiful prisoner? That’s what will set this costume apart for the two of you. All she needs to do is wear a pretty dress and be tied up, and all he needs to do is look like a he plunders the sea! As a bonus, this costume gives you plenty of excuses to drink ale and be merry.


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