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Why Do So Many Men Avoid Dating During the Holidays?

The holiday season is here. Many of us are spending our free time prepping for family gatherings and searching for the perfect gifts to give our loved ones. And some, including busy professionals, are also looking for love.

You may worry that the holidays are too busy for many potential partners to date. You may think your chances will be better after these few months pass. This isn’t necessarily true. Indeed, the holidays might be the perfect time for you to try and find your perfect match.

Why Do Some Men Avoid Dating During the Holidays?

Some men will avoid dating during the holidays for many reasons. For example, some men avoid dating due to being too busy. This is especially true for professionals who are trying to wrap up critical work for the year. Other reasons vary, for instance:

  • Some men may have had negative experiences dating during previous holidays and feel the need to back off. 
  • Others may simply wish to avoid introducing someone new to their friends and family who will be around more during this time. 
  • Still others may avoid dating so they don’t have to spend on additional gifts. 
  • And many men may simply want to wait until the New Year to start fresh.

We know that some of these reasons are a bit self-centered. And that’s why those men who avoid dating during the holidays due to selfish reasons may also be the ones you want to avoid too.

Others Have More Free Time to Date During This Time

Not all men put off dating during this time. Many feel they have additional time to dedicate to dating. After all, some busy professionals take time off from work in the last couple of months of the year. Others work for companies that close during the holidays.

Don’t let the holidays deter you from getting out there. And if you feel you need some support, reaching out to a professional matchmaker might be a great first step. A matchmaker can take the work of finding someone special off your hands, so you can simply enjoy a magical holiday season.

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