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Get Excited About Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, dating has been on our minds more than ever. And while this international holiday is a reason for happy couples, and even unhappy couples, to flaunt their love (and remind us how single we are), our team of Executive Matchmakers at LunchDates is here to assure you that dating in 2023 is something to be excited about.

So, where to begin? 

If a long-term relationship is something you’ve added to your vision board but are sick and tired of being sick and tired – ditch the burnout from the apps and let our longstanding pro’s advocate for you instead of the algorithms that think they know you. Prioritizing your needs from the inside out, our team will introduce you to intentional individuals who share similar goals and values. Ghosting, guessing games, and ripping your hair out while debating whether or not to send the first text are a thing of the past, guaranteeing our expertise will guide you to your own personalized version of success.

Just remember, in order to land a relationship that is utterly fulfilling, you cannot let the fear of being alone drive the urgency to partner up. Our goal for our 2023 daters is to see choices forming from a place of strength rather than desperation as desperate choices are often poor-quality choices.

We build relationships from our clientele’s core outwards.

And those are not created in momentary ‘feel good’ relief.

And for those in new, even well established, relationships completely overwhelmed by the concept of February 14th, take a deep breath and communicate with your partner. Whether it’s too cliché to celebrate or it’s irresistible to your hopeless romantic side, the mere acknowledgement of where you stand on the spectrum will remove the pressure from the holiday.

Here’s to letting this Valentine’s Day motivate us!


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