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Surviving a COVID Valentine’s Day Single: 3 Strategies for Success

January came and went. And what has felt like yet another Groundhog’s Day in slow motion: quarantine, mask, remote, repeat, Valentine’s Day still looms on the horizon. For the best of us the appreciation of being healthy and at home with friends and family we love is enough. However for many singles, the months of isolation have already created a social-distancing chasm between singleness and a committed relationship. Dating during COVID is hard enough. But surviving Valentine’s Day during COVID and being single? Friends, we all have our limits.

Perspective is everything though, isn’t it? And when you’re going months with social distancing, isolation, and video dates it can seem like the light will never shine through the darkness. But people fall in love every day. Do you still believe that? It’s not just matchmakers that have those stories, we all do. But they do have more of them. Sure it’s tough out there. Sure it’s likely you’ll be home on your couch watching Netflix or staring at your phone on February 14th. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 3 simple steps to making this Valentine’s Day one to never forget…

Strategy #1: Schedule some virtual girltime. You’re not the only one who’s single on Valentine’s Day, so stop feeling bad for yourself. Sharing stories of bad dates and the latest family drama is one of the many reasons we seek out female bonding. And you don’t have to make this like every other zoom meetup. Make this one special by creating a theme with clothes, food and cocktails. Think Pretty in Pink with 80’s gear, a Fuzzy or some Hairy Navels, with burritos and tacos.

Spending time with other singles, even virtually, let’s you know you’re not the only one struggling out there.
Strategy #2: At home pampering. Go simple like buying a really nice body wash or splurge by getting some satin pjs. Ice cream is optional but make sure it’s the really good kind. It’s ok to take a break, take time out for an at-home pedi and watch old movies, The point is giving yourself a break. You don’t have to be perfect or have it all together. Show yourself some love. Matchmakers like the ones at Lunchdates make sure they remind their Boston based professional clients to take time for themselves. Being single adds enough stress to already busy lives.

You don’t need to have it together all the time.
And yes you should go eat some chocolate.
Strategy #3: Be proactive about your love life. Being single isn’t something you need to accept if you really want to be in a relationship. Valentine’s Day will come and go. And although it’s hard to see, we’ll get through COVID and come out the other side stronger. This year is all about being outside our comfort zones and doing something different, difficult, and sometimes even scary, just like dating. The difference between dating on your own versus working with a professional matchmaker is that they don’t stop working just because you stop looking. Whether you’re feeling discouraged or are super excited to go out there and date, a professional matchmaker keeps you on track to meeting attractive, professional, compatible matches so you get into a relationship faster. Period.

No one said you had to stay single in 2021.
Go hire a matchmaker.
Now it’s up to you. Valentine’s Day is coming. Somewhere out there will be a pair of newlyweds eating chinese food and watching a movie. Somewhere out there will be your single friends, family members, ready to chat and share good stories and bad. Somewhere out there could be your match. It’s time to take a leap of faith. Come talk with a professional matchmaker at LunchDates today!

About the author: Aimee Burke is the author of numerous articles on singles and dating. She moonlights as Lunch Dates’ guest blogger and dating advice expert having successfully coached and matched Boston singles for years.


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