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It’s Cuffing Season…

Flirtatious singles who enjoy the act of dating, more so, the act of resisting the ball and chain we refer to as emotions, might actually desire a relationship while the holidays approach and the temperature begins to drop.

Nobody wants to be the still single relative, the reason your grandmother will beg to see you wed over Christmas dinner before she croaks, dedicating your life to the jokes about being the “fun aunt” who brings the wine and has three cats waiting for her at home. There is nothing wrong with being the fun aunt, but there is if you want to be in a relationship.

Given the societal pressure surrounding New Year’s resolutions and holiday blues, and with Valentine’s Day staring you down from February Fourteenth, the apps have decided to come together and do something about that. 

Like salt in a wound, they’ve created an entire day to remind us that we are still single, drawing advantage from our loneliness, preying on our poor past judgements, and tickling our curiosity. 

They call it Dating Sunday, otherwise known as Singles Sunday; the Super Bowl Sunday of dating apps, labeled the busiest day of the year for online dating by USA Today and thoughtfully placed on a Sunday, when the hungover and heartbroken hopefuls from Saturday settle into the boredom and loneliness of a Sunday, thus leading to aimless scrolling. 

So, this is it. 

You create dating profiles on the most popular apps. You create cleverly crafted captions, and your bio would suggest you have it all—You are relatable, fun! — and you do what you can to stand out. You choose your best photos, or so you think, because you want to maximize your success. You want us to know you are well traveled—Insert photo from Cancun! — that you adore your niece and that you love puppies and that you most definitely looked good at your cousin’s black-tie wedding. 

You are ready for Dating Sunday. 

But it’s hard, I get it. Being authentic and vulnerable in front of strangers, bots, trolls, creepers and catfishes or even ego-boosters who are spending the night in a city that doesn’t belong to them. It is intimidating— I just want to meet someone organically! — and the fear of wasted time and wasted energy might catapult you back into the funk of believing your person doesn’t actually exist. 

You start to scroll anyway. Why not, right? 

You create a rhythm. Swipe, Swipe, Swipe, No, No, No, No, What the…? No, NO, People seriously put zero effort into their profiles, Swipe, and then it happens. 

The most beautiful man you’ve ever seen in your life appears, but you and your thumb had such a good thing going that you accidentally say NO to the potential of what could have been, and he is gone, and you are left staring at a new profile, one that says, “I collect human hair”, and you erupt.

As an Executive Matchmaker, the most common comment I get from new clients is that dating apps have failed them time and time again. 

Matching with people only to never actually converse, setting up dates that don’t actually happen, and exchanging phone numbers with people who aren’t who they say they are some of the most common concerns. 

Your safety, time, emotions, and goals can all be violated. If your personality or sense of humor was not read properly, it can be the reason your match may never speak to you again because the options are endless. And even if they do like you, why should they stop scrolling? What else could be out there? Did your friend match with them after your date? 

Can they work? Sure.

Does it happen for everyone? Definitely not!! 

Forget New Year’s, start dating now, but with intention, with the help of the dating experts and professional matchmakers at LunchDates.  We know how tough it can be to be single in Boston when you’re leading a busy life. Our dating and matchmaking services have helped thousands of Boston singles become Boston couples. Instead of wasting your time dating online and having hollow exchanges with strangers, trust us to find other compatible singles near you.

We’re ready when you are. 


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