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Ready for a Spring Fling?

The Doldrums of winter. Spending it single can seem too much to bear. At this point, your New Year’s Resolution of being proactive in dating may seem like a cruel reminder of how tough it is out there But not to worry. Spring is in the air! Springtime in Boston is synonymous with spring training and Red Sox season. And with it lots of opportunities to get back out there and meet someone. If you’re single, take advantage of warmer weather and longer days.

So what’s your strategy? There is only so much swiping you can do. And if you keep finding that the dating pool on your phone is not ideal, you need to come to terms with the fact that you need other ways to meet people. Below are my top five spots for meeting singles this spring in Boston.

1. Embrace Your Inner Boston Sports Fan

Red Sox fans unite! Whether you’re getting a group of friends together, attending a work function, or going solo, Fenway and Lansdowne Street are great places to meet people before and after games. Grandstand seats or even grabbing a table at the Lansdowne Pub for a Guinness can provide low costs options to enjoy the game and scope out the single scene.

Plus there’s plenty of man beards on the field to admire…

2. Go Old School with a Trolley Tour

Whether it’s hopping on the more traditional Trolley Tour of Boston or taking up something more daring with a Ghosts and Gravestone midnight tour, touring the city via Trolley is a great way to get around and meet lots of people. Think of it as a pub crawl with an educational twist. Map out a few key areas (Boston Common, Fanuiel Hall, the Freedom Trail) to explore and connect with new people. Having an itinerary will help you meet more people and have some fun. This is a great option for you introverts out there! If you’re going to gal pal it up, keep numbers small (no more than 3) so you can get into conversations with other people, i.e., single guys!

3. Boston Marathon April 16th, 2018

Given the rich history and prestige the Boston Marathon has earned over the years, it deserves its own acknowledgment in our top five. This historical race brings people from all over the world to our city. And with it, lots of opportunities to meet a wide range of singles! If you’re not in the position to run yourself, volunteering or supporting a friend are great ways to get involved. All weekend leading up to the marathon, Boston landmarks and restaurants will be busy with runners and visitors. I know my single gal pals make it a point to take Monday off and enjoy the race and the spectators.

Boston Strong and Boston Single!

4. Dine Out Boston

An annual event to support local Boston restaurants, Dine Out Boston also offers a great way to socialize with like-minded foodies! Typically held the last two weeks of March, Dine Out Boston is celebrated all over the city. Restaurants give special promos to patrons, and you’ll have an opportunity to try lots of different foods. This will also give you a great idea of which crowds are in which restaurants. Make a list of places you’d like to come back to and explore the single scene. I’d recommend grabbing a friend or two and opting for a high table rather than a booth. Remember, if you’re on the prowl to meet new singles, make it easy for people to talk to you!

5.Urban Adventures City Bike Tours

Bike sharing and rentals continue to get popular in urban areas, and Boston is no exception with Urban Adventures City Bike Tours. A healthier alternative to pub crawls, you’ll work up a sweat and see the city from a new perspective. People who cycle generally live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors. If that sounds like you, why not take up a ride?

You may just crash into your Prince Charming!

Spring Into Love With LunchDates

Spring offers us a time to get back outside and enjoy nature. In the city of Boston, whether it’s strolling through the Commons, sipping a Cappuccino on Newbury Street, or taking in a game at Fenway, plenty of singles are getting out there. The trick is to put yourself in new situations to meet people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. It is difficult to meet a quality person. That’s why matchmakers in Boston are so busy. My top five list here is a way to get you started. To really make an impact and get you dating, try work with a dating coach. She can walk you through the “what the heck do I wear bike riding” outfit woes, along with getting you a date.

Aimee Burke has over a decade of experience as a relationship coaching professional. She is an avid writer and researcher for the Boston dating scene. She’s also the main contributor to LunchDates’ dating advice blog.


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