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What Are the Best Halloween Costumes for Couples?

Costume Ideas for Couples

Autumn is officially here which means it is time to prepare your best couple’s Halloween costume! When brainstorming what to be, you must first think about where you’ll be going and what you’ll both be doing this Halloween. For example, if you’re handing out Halloween candy to the kids, you’ll want to keep the outfit’s PG, but if you’re heading into the city for a spooky Halloween party, you can add some extra blood or sass! Once you’ve decided your plans for the evening, keep reading the list below to pick your outfits and have the best couple’s costumes of Halloween this year in Greater Boston!

#1 Gomez & Morticia from The Addams Family

Why it’s a great choice: This costume is simple, sexy and sleek. One person can wear a black, pinstripe suit with a bow tie and white button up shirt. While the other wears a sleek floor length, black dress with elegant long sleeves. Add some white face makeup to make you both look ghostly pale and you’re ready to go!

#2 Dead Bride & Groom

Why it’s a great choice: For those looking to renew their vows in the creepiest of ways this Halloween! Grab a white dress and a suite and make it spooky and gory. Don’t forget the flowers and rings!

#3 Wonder Woman & Superman

Why it’s a great choice: Because you’re both crime stoppers and work hard together to save the day! Show off your superpowers this Halloween, together! 

#4 Bonnie & Clyde

Why it’s a great choice: For true crime enthusiasts, go dressed as the original crime couple taking on Halloween night! Just don’t get caught robbing a bank! 

#5 Alien & Astronaut

Why it’s a great choice: Uniting our world with other planets through love! There’s so many fun alien makeup tutorials to choose from on YouTube. Make this DIY costume your own!

#6 The Grinch & Cindy Lou Who

Why it’s a great choice: For those of you who are already counting down the days till Christmas, dress as the stars of one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time, highlighting the wonders of holiday spirit and unusual friendship!  

#7 Under the Sea

Why it’s a great choice: Be the ruling couple under the sea as a royal mermaid and merman! Have fun with all the makeup options and tutorials available for sea creatures! Get creative and don’t forget your trident and tails! 

#8 Baywatch

Why it’s a great choice: Because who doesn’t have a red bathing suit? Add on a whistle and you’ll both be the main attraction at any Halloween party!

#9 Skeletal Couple

Why it’s a great choice: For those talented at face painting, become real life, matching skull candy and wear any spooky outfit you’d like! All you need is white and black face paint and a helpful YouTube tutorial! 

#10 Cowgirl & Boy

Why it’s a great choice: This cute, playful costume is quick to create with clothes and props around your house! Make this one your own and have fun with what style of southern charm you’d like to both show off! Yee-haw! 

#11 Yin & Yang

Why it’s a great choice: Because you complement each other perfectly! Have fun creating this simple, DIY costume of the yin and yang symbol! 

#12 Party Animals

Why it’s a great choice: Grab your favorite animal mask, headwear or onesie and throw on a sheik dress or suit to be the resident party animals of the evening!

#13 Magician & Rabbit

Why it’s a great choice: Looking to add some magic to Halloween? Have one of you dress as a magician and the other as a rabbit for this magnificent couples costume! 

#14 Prince Charles & Princess Diana (or your favorite royal couple!)

Why it’s a great choice: Because you’re a classic, royal duo taking on Halloween night together! You’ll be sure to captivate your audience even without ending in a tragic love story. 

#15 Cheerleader & Athlete

Why it’s a great choice: Since you are each other’s biggest fans, why not dress up like it on Halloween?! Pick who would like to dress as what (there are male cheerleaders now in the NFL!) and take on Halloween night as a team! 

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