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Are Men Really Looking to Find Love During the Holidays?

There’s a chill in the air and cuffing season is in full force as we head into the winter months! Many singles find themselves searching for love during the holiday season but is that true for men? Well, for some, the holidays can be a great excuse to be too busy to have time to seek out a significant other, but for most it’s actually the ideal time to look for the one! Keep reading for 10 reasons why men actually want to find love and start dating during the holiday season! 

10 Reasons Men Want to Find Love During the Holidays

  1. They’re in a giving mood: The holidays can naturally bring out the best in some guys, since it is the season of giving and they may be more eager to take you out on a romantic date! 


  1. They want someone to tell their family and friends about at Christmas dinner: When guys go home for the holidays, the first question they often get asked is about their dating life. Nobody wants to go home empty handed without a new relationship to brag about! 


  1. They need a date for their company party: Often companies host holiday parties and it’s important for a guy to have someone special on his arm.


  1. They get nostalgic: Christmas is a time to reflect on the years past and memories spent with loved ones and former relationships. Around the holiday season, many men find themselves wondering who they would want by their side around the fireplace in the years to come.


  1. They’re cold: During the holiday season in Greater Boston, it’s cold and often snowy outside. Men find themselves not wanting to go out to the bars as often and would prefer to spend quality time inside with someone they truly care about. 


  1. They just got a bonus: Most companies pay out annual bonuses and even Christmas bonuses during the holiday season. This can make men more excited about spending money on a relationship and going on great dates to celebrate.


  1. They value family: The holidays are often spent with family and friends which can allow men to pause and reflect on their relationship goals and what they would like their family to look like! 


  1. They’re merry: For many guys, the holiday season is the best time of the year. They often have time off from work, they can spend time with their loved ones, and enjoy simply relaxing. With the stress of work in the back of their minds, they’re able to start searching for love!


  1. They’re looking for someone to explore with: The holidays in Greater Boston welcome various shows, concerts, pop-up bars, holiday menus, light shows and more. Guys are looking for someone to explore these attractions with as their date! 


  1. Their new year’s resolution is to find love: During the holidays, as the year comes toward a close, men often find themselves reminiscing about relationships that could have gone differently in the past and how they want to have a more successful relationship in the new year!

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